Cite: "Two dudes over 6 feet tall making totally fucked noise. THURSTON MOORE is on side A, putting you into a reverb junk zone a hundred feet under the ground where you can actually hear the grubs boring holes through the dirt & sucking the flesh off your dead pets corpse. COTTON MUSEUM is on side B creating theremin & loop scum, super rotted style. Skulls scraping on rib bones over and over. Created to keep your mind off of the insect eggs that were laid in your eye sockets. Try sticking your damn patch cable right into an open sore and it would probably sound something like this record. Limited to 500 Copies w/ 3 color Pro-Screen printed covers (printed by Nick Bittakis) with art by Chris Pottinger. Tasty Soil's first official LP release!! Each copy is numbered out of 500."

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