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21-VI-2005 on DIGITALIS there were news: "Alligator Crystal Moth is the duo of Michael Donnelly (Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, Terracid, etc) and Brad Rose (everything you see on this fucking site) is finally ready to fly. Alligator Crystal Moth drips in melted psychedelia. Or, as Donnelly describes it - "a mindblowing lump of whatthefuck." You have no idea. Think Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, but more twisted."
As far as earlier on this blog were already spotlit three Mike's projects (Terracid, Soarwhole & 6majik9), there's no way to leave ACM over board. Why? Coz they are damn great!

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So here are Mr. Digitalis & Mr. MusicYourMindWillLoveYou themselves.



About: "the ring of fire is alive and well, folks. fuschia earthquakes and kamikaze volcanoes filled with psych-infused magma are spewing magic dirges like there is no tomorrow. alligator crystal moth is the cross-oceanic duo of brad rose and michael donnelly. this is the first expos? of the mind meld that has taken place, knocking the coastal currents on their collective ass. organic ruins spattered in golden percussive bursts, indian meditations, and pre-war fuckere will leave you covered in mud, sucking for air. it's time to melt your skull and assemble the pieces into a shrine to your favorite lsd-infused lepidopteran."


SOLIS 2005

About: "2nd release following debut on foxglove. more bone less meat less muscle more sinew fewer thoughts less synaps some time less space."

Review: "'Solis' is the second release from Alligator Crystal Moth, the tape exchange duo of Michael Donnelly (Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, Terracid, et al) and Brad Rose (The North Sea, The Golden Oaks, Digitalis Recordings supremo), following the 'Magic Swamp Kingdom' CD-R on Foxglove a while back. Googling on the name suggests the alternate search "Alligator Crystal Meth", but based on the music herein, a giant crystal hookah is probably a more applicable image. 'Can of Words' is a hazy morning stroll through a Moroccan Souk, as produce stalls unfold like exotic flowers amid the tendrils of kif smoke. Quite who is playing what is not clear, but it all beautifully atmospheric with loosely adhering percussion and stringed objects engaged in deep conversation (as is the whole CD, really). 'Searching for Atlantis' is drone rock par excellence, a rare crystal clarification of the surface of the Bardo Pond via dark guitar glissandi and drum lifeforms playing intuitively off each other. 'Hallowed Ground Beneath My Feet' is a classic MYMWLY rain forest trek; acoustic spaces created by flute and guitar and percussion invaded by jagged electric creatures. 'Fraternizing with the Enemy' has an Indonesian feel, as well as playing with things modal and Middle-Eastern. 'Cheap Food for Secrets', a more lengthy piece, is a near free rumination played on many things drummed and plucked – travelling from chaos to clarity in a way that is emblematic of the work of both artists involved. 'Waking the Ecclesiastics' is pure tribal-hippie freakdom after the fashion of Amon Duul the First with (someone's) vaguely disturbing vocals as a real standout point. It sounds like the nausea that precedes vomiting on Ibogaine (but in a good way). Finally 'Ribs Make Walls' (the title reminding me of an ossuary chapel I saw in Portugal once) imagines life as a particle of matter attached to the side of a temple bell – giant resonance becoming the entirety of existence. Another extraordinary release on this label and deserving of a wider audience than it will probably reach via the CD-R label underground." (by Tony Dale)


(Creeping Dawn 2.d release)


About: "Alligator Crystal Moth is comprised of Michael Donnelly (Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, mymwly, Terracid, et al) and Brad Rose (The North Sea, Digitalis, The Golden Oaks, et al), two fellows who are, in short, quite prolific. ACM often finds the two in deep psych territory. "Cow's Town Ornamental" is celebratory and vibrant; a meeting of the like-minded that forges soul bridges across the oceans of the world with ethereal song forms and tribal clay jams. Australia and Oklahoma, united under One Sun."


(Bottled Smoke Series, Volume 5)


Read about Digitalis' Bottled Smoke Series HERE

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