Optimistic experimental music? Well, it's obviously not a new thing to somebody, but to me PUMICE is really an adventure. And also a longdreamed trip to NZ... After all the new weird americans Stefan Geoffrey Neville won't KO you, but don't forget about KDs!

Profile from Pumise's MySpace:
"Stefan and Sugar Jon went to Whangamata for new years 1990/1991 telling their parents that they were getting a ride with friend Shelley's uncle but really they hitchiked. Picked up in Thames by a woman in a horse truck who only picked them up cos she thought they were girls. When the truck went round the narrow bendy hilltop roads the horse would kick the side and send the truck veering off into thick oncoming holiday traffic. After a few days in Whangamata it became apparent that Jon and Stefans mothers had talked and worked out the lies. Jon called his mum for a growling and when he got off the phone Stefan said they should form a band called Pumice........ Stefan is still doing it and has done so now for over half of his life."

How can u left such guy without your love?)))
And if u'll love him - how can u left him without your money?)))))))
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RAFT 2004


About: "The other night at Pumice's Raft CD release gig, while he was setting up for to play, I was talking to someone - an initiate if you will - who asked me what it was that Pumice 'did'. I had to think about it for a moment and then came up with drifting, shuddering gospel-folk-music. Upon reflection, that kinda nails it perfectly. It's very interactive; you have to engage with it and when you do, you'll have a hard job to disengage again. Pumice hangs out a big analogue carrot which you follow, transfixed, teetering on the edge of something that you have a vague feeling might be going to be really important.. you're transcending.. pay attention; Pumice is goan take your head a-rambling over those hills over there in his little wheezing broke-ass tape-loop and concertina-powered flying machine. Raft has all the essence of Pumice live, distilled through an 8-track recorder onto a CD-sized listening session. Pumice has worked very hard and very carefully for quite a long time to make some good Pumice here; the good news is he's pulled it off. For the sake of reference: it recalls the absolute glorious best of Alistair Galbraith's psych-dirge but tempered with the kind of occasional instrumental dexterity that you might find on a Sun City Girls record. I'm going to go out on a limb by saying that Raft is easily the best thing I've heard by Pumice; it is highly recommended." (Stephen, Dorking Labs)

Read review by Brad Rose (Digitalis) HERE




About: "With songs nestled halfway between Xpressway's searing static and Flying Nun's dark jangle, Pumice's Stefan Neville has quietly created a unique brand of fractured pop since 1991. Despite (or because of) his activity in New Zealand's cassette underground for the past 15 years, Neville has only recently begun to crawl into the consciousness of outsider music fans. Yeahnahvienna was conceived and recorded during an artist residency in Vienna in 2004. Neville's precariously arranged arsenal of cassettes, chord organ, vocals, drums and guitar has yielded a fragile and fractured masterwork. A stark and melancholic affair, calling to mind Alastair Galbraith, Sun City Girls and Supreme Dicks. Through Neville's layers of hiss and murk lie beautifully stirring & shambolic downer hymns." (Soft Abuse)




About: "Island living affords absolute polarities in both geography and the psyche - tranquility & isolation. This duality is present in the music of Pumice - the eccentric, flummoxing and oft-gloomy one-man band helmed by Stefan Geoffrey Neville, a resident of the cultural hamlet of Auckland, New Zealand. Though Pumice’s skewed take on experimental folk and pop songwriting is firmly rooted in the outsider vibes of downunder stalwarts like Pip Proud and Alastair Galbraith, the fruits of his labor are singular in scope as Neville weaves his own personal mythology mired with comedy, melancholy, humility and tragedy and delivered with vivid clarity. Pumice’s pesky brand of loner Kiwi DIY - precariously devoid of fatuous pose - is a colorful, desolate soundworld unto itself. On Pebbles, the umpteenth Pumice full-length outing, Stefan Neville excavates the mutant rock of Simply Saucer & the idiosyncratic, rhythmic compositions of Moondog (at his most playfully abstract), and re-contextualizes those touchstones via the pages of a mid-70s Incredible Hulk comic book. Pebbles offers the unlikely marriage of astute refinement and wild abandon, with songs uplifting & sincere, yet dark, with oddball substance to spare. Featuring some of Pumice's best makeshift pop songs to date, Pebbles even manages a few excellently fractured instrumentals that harkens to The Clean circa Oddities." (Soft Abuse)

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