This Portugese band i found in Astraal Tempel RhytHymns blog comments (btw, check this blog!)
Catchy - DOPO asked to spread the link to this album, which they uploaded themselves.
The point was "the Foxglove's 100 cdr release ain't enough to let hear about DOPO all people who'd be interested".
Fair enough and i think they're right 200%.
Good album, check it!

About: "...Home sick, downing some angel tea, barely making sense of the paper Prof. Grunenwald circulated awhile back postulating the probabilities for a fifth wave of Iberian psych or the LFD-Lysergic Fado Drone. Ludicrous a read as is much of "Toward a Fado Lysergic," it seems Grunenwald did foresee at least something of the sheer splurg of the new DOPO recordings:
"Noir, so soft, the intangible melancholy- buzzing 220, lightening the Alfama in the gangly clip clop of whoop and whop. Chimera, Mescalito, me Centaur, you Minotaur laying bound in sphere burning blue water inside orbs of gold, molten core, acerbic apostles of azure mountains, preachers of white magic."
Levels of multi-scatter - informed by the old school, enlivened by the rasp of outdated processors, yet still thoroughly anchored in its primate origina -- evidenced in this collection is sign of a higher order, a new constellation, some damn action along the Atlantic rim, eolian, that goes quite a bit past what I think an earlier generation of scene-scribblers expected..."


Also check DOPO @ MySpace and their LastFM profile, where you'll find 2 more downloadable releases.

UPD: well, there's already few posts with this album)))) but anyway it's good and i'd like to spread it a bit wider)))

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