Well how long i was waitin for this one!
Love Petr and his violin - it'll bring u closer.... errr.... JUST CLOSER!


Label: Solieilmoon

About: "On first spins, we hear a highly bewildering mixture of things. Dark ambient instrumentals and slow-moving creaky floorboard soundscapes alternate with highly idiosyncratic songs, performed with a lilting acoustic guitar so as to resemble a kind of avant-garde calypso and delivered in one of the most peculiar singing voices you have heard since the work of L Voag (ex The Homosexuals). If still not sufficiently baffled, the inquiring mind can make what it will of absurdist titles such as 'Towards Glittering Warm Dumplings' and 'Invisibility Cloak of Time'. These last two are assigned to two long tracks at the end of this bizarre release, the 'Dumplings' suite in particular emerging as a brilliantly demented 21-minute excursion into the Amazonian heart of darkness, apparently while riding on the back of a gigantic five-legged beetle. Play this track last thing at night, and who knows what dreams it will engender in your fervoured noggin!"
(The Sound Projector)


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