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tsjuster комментирует...

no, googling nowadays brings me easter to a dl link than to official sites with info about a new or upcoming albums.

Without google i'd never have found your blog :)

african комментирует...

1) i always try to put buy link bear the d\l one.
2) lots of releases i like and place here are limited (or lets say - very limited) and in 70% already sold out.
3) the more i speak to people the more i convinced people buying this music - why there's co many soldouts then?
4) since googling is aiming here i can suppose i promote this rare and not-even-itunes-friendly music better then the real promoters)))

frankly - there's no reason to blame such blogs (i meant such genre directed) for cdr labels' injury. i think its more works like promo.

in case if its not, i always opened for complains and in hours after receiving ones remove links.

if i'm wrong - correct me.

Ellaguru комментирует...

the hala strana "hala strana"(2003)album got some corrupted files. i can't open it. but don't worry,it is just an info, not a trouble at all.

african комментирует...

i think u just didnt finish yr download and have incomplete archive file