Thanx for asking.
Really great album.
Keep on keepin on!

Release notes: "The album is composed of two jam-packed discs of brand new material recorded in the final months of 2007, the first being a split between the duo's solo projects: Isengrind (Gularte) and Twinsistermoon (Ameziane). Here, the pair's tendency to occupy the full 80 minute capacity of the CD medium proves ideal, as both solo projects effectively have a full 40 minutes in which to sketch their respective sonic visions. Disc one begins with the exotic ethnodrones of Isengrind, with Gularte transporting us to some blasted bazaar where Eastern strings, haunted vocals and a marvelous universe of shaken and beaten percussion emanates from every dark corner of the windswept streets. "To Ride With Holle" could be a merging of the resonant clatter of "Empty Bell"-era Pelt with the enchanted peaks of the Taj Mahal Travellers' bleary eyed beachside reveries. Elsewhere, Gularte presents us with tribal landscapes that wouldn't be out of place on the most captivating of Sublime Frequencies releases, as is the case on "Wooden False Face." Ever the chameleon, throughout her half of the split Gularte takes us to deep, dark places, such as the barren netherworld of "SunDusk Wand," as well as the bright, blue summits found in her magnificent closing piece "Anima Sola"."
(Students Of Decay)


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Tara комментирует...

How do I unarchive these files? The don't have a .zip or .rar extension, or any kind of extension. Help? I can't find this anywhere else.

african комментирует...

mac or pc?
for mac - use stuffit
for pc - just get winrar

Tara комментирует...

I'm on a Mac, but I can't use stuffit or anything because there's no file extension.

Alex Cobb комментирует...

Please take this down. The album was just released. Available here for purchase:

Thank you.
Alex Cobb/Students of Decay Records

Alex Cobb комментирует...

Thank you very much.

Alex/Students of Decay

african комментирует...

hi Alex!
i really love yr label and have no intention to break the sell policy)
once again thanx-thanx-and-thanx!
Alex, pls contact with me here: - i have few answers and a bit more propositions.
thanx in advance!

Анонимный комментирует...

Dear Alex Cobb,
4 remarks:
1) I am pretty sure that, like most of us, you discovered NSB because
"Dance of the Moon and the Sun" was posted over the net on blogs like this one. So what you're saying here is "I like to find music on the internet as long as it is not my label"
2) Most SOD stuff gets sold out in a few weeks, whether posted or not, so how come you care so much ?
3) You should realize that for various reasons, it is almost impossible to get SOD releases in many countries.
4) I just decided to stop buying SOD releases