Well, pleeeease say it ain't truth...
I wonder what a place it must be - it's overcrowded with great musicians.
Meet David MacKinnon, the member of THE LOST DOMAIN and yet another foobar smasher - i trembled whole night long over notebook while listening to his music.
Great. Great. Great.
Psycho. Psycho. Psycho.


(Shy Tone)

About: "The accidental solo album... I (JHC) got a cheap 4 track in late 1991. Trouble was, the band went largely into hiatus round then, due to Simon’s I spent weeks building up tracks that he couldn’t work on... Resulting in me inadvertantly finishing them...
Decided to “issue” some by making up 10 copies and giving them to my friends then, two years later... After changing the name because Canadians stole it remastered the thing & vaguely attempted to sell it. Five years later, I’d done a handful of new ones during my last overdubbing bout, and revised it for cdr - dropping the 45 minutes of “channel o” and the two 1990 pieces that I felt didn’t really fit. Replacing them with two rejigged 1991 things and the best of my 1997 ones... And this is the final form.
A strange thing, no “solos” & two odd “parodies” that no one but me hears as such & well... When one band member thinks something sounds like Duran Duran... And another says Big Black, there’s obviously something odd at work. Many lyrical, some driving, some monstrously grating - but all very evocative like soundtracks to films yet to be made."

(David MacKinnon a.k.a. John Henry Kalvinist, Shy Tone web-page)




About: "David MacKinnon is best known for his work with Brisbane genre-benders the Lost Domain but he has over the years also released a few solo albums under the name of John Henry Calvinist. King Solomon Hill is his latest outing and maybe the least accessible yet, but also probably the one I like the most. What happens here is that we get a twisted, mostly instrumental version of back porch folk/blues from a guy who knows more about the genre than the rest of us do together. But don’t be fooled to believe that we just get an updated version of what once was; no this is so much more than that. The sum of the dusted past is clearly here but it’s placed in someone’s hands that treat history with such a respect that it’s mostly in terms of mood and atmosphere that the two fit together. This is raw and gorgeous, feedback-laced avant blues that feels like a future outsider classic."
(Broken Face)
"Traditions don't often go softly into the night. They may fest under the surface of things for a while, but they don't truly disappear. The Lost Domain's John Henry Calvinist prepares a set of limestone-dusted originals which snake their way through the muddy rivers of days gone by. Dirt-soaked radio transmissions from distant dimensions scorch the reels and get things moving. There's enough space in these towering guitar explorations to suck marrow from the sky. These back porch acoustic blues sing to the heavens, "come down and get me, i'm just waiting...""


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