here's another way to spin the world of experimental music - u can release it on cdrs, cassettes or put it online for free download.
net-labels, u said? the more net-labels the world having, the less quality of music those ones offer. good net-labels are rare novadays...
but there's a way out - check "your range" bands' web pages more often and i think u'll be surprised more u can be ready for.
Belgium band Przevalski's Horses decided to step ahead alongside with the current tendencies in major rock scene and released their new "album" for free: on their official web page there's a link straight to megaupload)) easy way out.
so here u have their 2008 mp3 only release called "An Attempt to Offer". PH offering 35 mins of improv free folk/psychedelic with a bit droned background. those of u who like such stuff should check it. i myself spent a mellow half an hour at 3 AM listening to it.
also i used to surf for some more info, but the web was deaf-dumb-blind (though maybe the blind one is me). it seems to be strange for the band who was released on mymwly, Ruralfaune and 267 Lattajjaa... but it is so.

Release note from PH: "We've had these tracks ready for a while, but no plans for releasing them. So here they are ready to grab in a free mp3 edition, with some artwork for the occasion. We thus called it "An attempt to offer." 3 tracks, 35 minutes, stuff recorded in duo & in solo last year, at various seasons & moments. Enjoy!"


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Constantin Dubois комментирует...

Hey, thanks for spreading the word ! been a silent browser of this blog for a while, there's always great stuff to grab... keep rollin' !

african комментирует...

are u from PH?)
thanx for words anyway!

Constantin Dubois комментирует...

yes, aurélie & i form the whole of PH. thx for listening, it counts.