It's a holiday down here for all of you euro & american Kazuki Tomokawa, Kan Mikami & Kim Doo Soo lovers. The East is far and still kept closed - nobody let us know what pearls are hidden beneath the surface of hieroglyphical web. But sometimes it shines too bright to miss it...
Low bow to revealers, PSF label and - praise the musicians!
The only bad about it - the lenght. It's toooo fuckin short for such masterpieces.


Kan Mikami: vocals, guitar
Masayoshi Urabe: alto, harmonica, bass blockfloten, accordion, piccolo, chains
Toshi Ishizuka: drums, percussion

Tracklist (due to japanese tags):
1) Wireless/Izu
2) Wireless/Boston
3) Wireless/Shinjuku/Nara/Tsudanuma

About: "Ultra-heavy first album by new PSF super group, SANJA, consisting of gravel 'n' glass voiced crooner Kan Mikami, the scene's heaviest tub thumper Toshi Ishizuka, and alto terrorist and veritable rock'n' roll breather Masayoshi Urabe.
The three first played together at a concert to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of PSF Records last year, and the intensity of the heat they generated has already become the stuff of Tokyo underground legend. The trio were quickly hustled into a studio to record their first album and the results are now available for the listening pleasure of all of you who couldn't make the gig.
There's a purity of improvised one-mind destruction on display here that is humbling to witness. All three are recently playing at unprecedented heights - Mikami's vocals and Urabe's alto carve great mercury swathes through the moist air, while Ishizuka deep-shifts tectonic plates beneath their feet. Veteran Mikami watchers are in for a treat of their own, as the master revisits "Karasu" from his debut album for the first time in 35 years."



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atanase комментирует...

thanks for this... these's also a free download of their blowout at the recent instal fest in glasgow. it should still be available at the instal website. if you can't get hold of it let me know i'll pitch it your way... it is an odd combination of musicians, but works very well.

great blog by the way, i visit often. thanks for your efforts


Анонимный комментирует...

Thank you very much!

african комментирует...

ofcoz, atanase, drop link here!

atanase комментирует...

here you go:

you'll have to give them your email. but this does not involve any subscription or anything like that...

many great sets can be found there. make sure you grab ascension, not much jaworzyn can be found these days.

african комментирует...

there's more Mikami's stuff)