Thanx 2 Koshka 4 help!!!


Vibracathedral Orchestra - Hex Hostess
(self release, 2002)

About: "Live in europe March 2002 . Five big big tracks edited down in strict chronological order from each of the five shows we played in belgium, germany and france. Covers quite a bit of ground, and all seamlessly edited for the complete simulated vibracathedral live trip. Whatever you've enjoyed in the band before, it's all here - heavy power surge drones? check. endless metronomic grooves? check. freeform freakout adrenaline rush? check. plaintive comedown glow? check. etc etc etc."


Vibracathedral Orchestra - My Gate's Open, Tremble At My Side
(Lexicon Devil, 2004)

About: "The first full-length vinyl release from Vibracathedral Orchestra features two sides of gloriously ethereal ambient-drone epiphanies that reveal an ensemble remarkably adept at building melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic intensity without ever prompting the listener to think that they are repeating themselves. Layers of insistently strummed acoustic guitars stretch and yawn over the course of side one while tentative bits of electric guitar sparkle in the gorgeous, slowly enveloping mist. Side two is equally mesmerizing. Opening with a blissfully portentous collage of organ tones and distant flutes and woodwinds, the sensuous drift is eventually interrupted by a stark martial cadence which drives the piece to a mystical, eerily beautiful denouement of crystalline bells and percussion which seems at once fragile and awe-inspiring."
(one final note magazine)


Vibracathedral Orchestra - Resonance
(self release, 2005)

About: "One hour long roughcut edit of August 2004 session, done at the behest of Resonace FM, although we can't work out whether they've broadcast it or not."


Vibracathedral Orchestra - Smash ! Smash! Smash!
(self release, 2005)

About: "Brand new collection of complete live performances – three in all – from December 2004, that tunnel ever deeper into instant formless satori on a smoke-thick blanket of wire, muscle, garage punk riffs and peak after peak of blinding white light. First track is live at The Dog & Parrot, Newcastle 3/12 and features the trio of Bridget Hayden, Mick Flower and Neil Campbell. Second track is from The Packhorse in Leeds on 4/12 and features some vocal razzing from Phil Franklin (Sunburned Hand Of The Man and Hototogisu were also on the bill) and the quartet of Adam Davenport, Bridget Hayden, John Godbert and Mick Flower in a real Henry Flynt/Fripp & Eno slow-snaking style. Final track is from The Fenton, Leeds show (same bill as Taurpis Tula, Samara Lubelski and The MV & EE Medicine Show) and features a quartet set from Matthew Bower, Bridget Hayden, Mick Flower and Neil Campbell on electronic/modal skull-jam form."


Jackie O Motherfucker/Vibracathedral Orchestra - Split
(Textile Records, 2001)

About: "Two tracks only appear on the Vibracathedral Orchestra side, but both are superb. The 12-and-a-half minute "Wearing Clothes of Ash" is like a piano-led PARADIESWARTS DUUL-period drone-a-thon with John Cale and Terry Riley guesting on viola and keys. Following this, the sublime "Baptism > Bar > Blues" is proof positive that they can rock the riot house with pure adrenaline rush when the decision is made. Indeed, this 7-minute track is magnificent and should be available to the masses free or in pill form."
(Julian Cope)


Low/Vibracathedral Orchestra - Split 7"
(Misplaced Music, 2002)

About: "Another track, "stole some sentimental jewelry", from our studio session (recorded by the venerable Richard Formby), this time a crazed stomp from the steppes, loaded on reindeer piss, and sprayed all over with demented violin/synth/harmonium. Our pals Low turn in a brief exclusive track "david & jude", recorded at dub-narcotic sound system with Calvin Johnson on melodica."


Sunroof!/Vibracathedral Orchestra - Wings Over America
(VHF Records, 2003)
PT1 + PT2

About: "Vibracathedral Orchestra bear the shimmery mantle on this split, trawling the territory we're used to Sunroof! traipsing through, bells and chimes are smeared into a pleasant skree, lazy percussion is scattered haphazardly across sunbaked krautrock, and tribal rhythms and reverbed guitars are woven into warm expanses of barely tethered space rock, primal and pagan, pulsing and perfect."
(Aquarius Records)



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