About: "Inaba is a Japanese folk vocalist akin to the rawness and beauty of legendary singer/songwriter Kazuki Tomokawa...The music of Inaba is utterly surreal. Despite being based around simple acoustic guitar structures it doesn't feel like it involves any of the usual guitar marks. In his hands the guitar starts living its own life and it's only with the greatest effort that he can will it to follow his instructions. There is beauty, invention, strength and spirit in every single note of this album and whatever the lyrical issues might be (everything is sung in Japanese) it must be something sad and devastatingly important. Like the intensely evocative closer (translated to 'A Song of Recollection') with masterful vocals making a frozen wasteland sound like a sun-drenched Florida beach in comparison. The organic flow and rural psychedelic touch of these recordings offer enough to keep your ears swimming in contentment for the rest of the year. Nearly perfect."
(Mats Gustafsson)

+ review from Foxy Digitalis


And dont forget to grab his video performance Shuji Inaba Live on Stickam 2007-04-18 (though the picture is verrrry funny - his face is out of it almost whole recording, its him without a doubt and he's rrrreally cool.)

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dundo комментирует...

hey, this file has a password, do you know it? please, i'd really like to hear the album....

african комментирует...

i know for sure that it aint password protected. just try to reget it once more - maybe u didnt finish yr d/l