Lal Lal Lal

About: "Keijo Virtanen is a Jyväskylä-area (A place that is said to be the center of the universe) free music stalwart and a writer/thinker. His music is very honest, humble and beautiful. Computers, oriental instruments and synths merge together lulling the listener to a state of quiet happiness. The liner notes consist of excerpts from Keijo's writings. If one for some reason has to compare this record to something, Sunroof and Tangerine Dream come to mind, and maybe even some of the MV stuff."
(Lal Lal Lal)
"One of the most beautiful things I've heard in a while and I'm lucky enough to get lots of pretty amazing music. Subtle electronics (samples, organs, theremins) mix with acoustic string lines (some of which are played on home made instruments by the look of the cover), harmonic singing, and bells and chimes to formulate the kind of mystically infused landscape that is unreachable on any kind of purely terrestrial plane. It all feels something like a trip BETWEEN the lines of words on a page in some guilty ecstatic travelogue of a journey amongst Bon shamens in Tibet, with all the skull bowl raksi and tantric darkness extant. Sorry about my gushy employment of mystical metaphors, its just the way this music seems to have effected me. I really can't recommend the disk highly enough. Thanks to all involved."
(Antony Milton/PseudoArcana)




About: "..."Jungle Joy" differs slightly from his past releases in that it is
guitar-based. While his previous efforts each had a smattering of
guitar playing, none were built around it like this album is. Like his
other CD-Rs, "Jungle Joy" is densely textured and unique. On these
eight tracks, Keijo explores another side of his native Jyväskylä. It's
like getting lost in the forests outside the city, with only the trees
and woodland creatures to keep you company as you brace for the
oncoming cold night. But with "Jungle Joy" in hand, you are led into a
deep cave that pierces the earth and provides warmth as the snow builds
outside. This music is like being inside a bubble, protected by its
warm glow, while chaos runs rampant on the outside..."

(Brad Rose/Foxy Digitalis - read full review)



267 Lattajjaa

About: "Seven tracks from this first-generation Finnish inspiration that plot the spaceways with the kind of higher mind approach to form pioneered by Sun Ra, with deep wells of analogue sound mined for psychedelic tone, while hollow percussive rhythms sound a march across the horizon. This is martial music for heads, a combination of drone and picked strings that stares into the sun as hard as Valerie Webber and Paul LaBrecque's stunning Trees, Chants and Hollers. A good one."
(Volcanic Tongue)
"Oriental bowed strings and bells manipulated by computer into droning vibrations and suggested melodies."
(Boa Melody Bar)
"...Transcendental waves flow through Keijo's music on many levels. On the surface, his music massages your entire body aurally. It gets inside you and relaxes you. It's powerful. But underneath, that where the real magic is happening. Keijo's music is meditative. It lulls you into a trancelike state; a state in which all your senses are heightened and every thing you feel is intensified. It's amazing that he can consistently do this with each new release. It's like there's some spirit channeling itself through Keijo, and his only way to release it into the world is through his music. There's some intrinsically beautiful about that, and it comes out on his releases..."
(Brad Rose/Foxy Digitalis)


Thanx 2 Mutant Sounds!



About: "...After releasing a handful of small-run CD-R releases on labels such as Pseudoarcana, Lal Lal Lal, and Foxglove, Palla, Blown From Here sees Keijo finally getting the larger audience he deserves. He has worked and collaborated with Finnish acts such as Vapaa, Avarus, and Kheta Hotem. This CD, limited to 500 copies, sees Keijo taking a more solemn path, reflecting on the quiet moments nature brings. These nine songs showcase Keijo's array of talents, including his impressive throat-singing abilities. Palla, Blown From Here is the aural transition of summer into autumn. Over the course of this album, Keijo's soft acoustic compositions flow from him like prose from a poet's pen. The beauty this music exudes is a testament to his life and his work. This is Keijo's world and we are just living in it."


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