call it whatever u'll like
call it renegade-ism
call it fear-of-a-righteous-planet
anyway there's still enough space to live in
enough to feel able to keep finding smth interesting, new and still free of any kind of questions of charge
they wont ask u bout anything but yr interest in this new music, new names and new feelings
i found this album while just surfing and would be glad if any of this blog reader would find it as good as i found it
pardon my eengleese, but believe me - its really touchy (though its not as free-folkish as i prefer to keep my audiocity to keep on)
it aint no tiny-folk - it goes much further
really would like to meet with her

PS any of my own new revealed pieces of chicken could be available just here, in my last-fm profile (click JOURNAL to kill the rest)

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kills комментирует...

hey, i don't know where else to post this but i have a blog you may be interested in

check it out.

Анонимный комментирует...

@kills your post IS interesting indeed. thx

Tinyfolk комментирует...

new iron like nylon album is out: