Thanx time, we're moving towards the new epoch of music promo/distribution forms. Noone says that there will be no money, but some questions got clearer: more and more ones understand that web is a huge pushup for promotion and spreading the word. Another one project i'd like to put here for everybody to check, to surf thru and to get into: meet the Free Music Archive! As a 1st great gift from them here's a nice message from Bram Devens a.k.a. Ignatz, published by kind WFMU guys and called "Ignatz: Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's Show on 10 July 2008". I don't care about the completeness of this piece and wholly accept it as a kind of release straight from heart.
Once again have to say that to say many words here for me is a kinda question, so again i will hide behind another guy. Now it will be a bit original coz the following msg was written by my friend Ali after i asked him to make some participation to the WHNZ blog. He picked up the artist himself and we decided to wait till the topic will be up to date. And here it sprung, so listen to music and read Ali's thoughts...


About one year ago I overheard how Ignatz (Bram Devens, also known as Miles Devens) sang his songs to somebody, – but evidently not to me and not to us, – so to whom? – I thought. Since then his music doesn’t let me to quiet down even when I don’t hear it for several days. Its beauty is so intractable, that it is impossible to say definitely, – it has to sound in the hell or, however, in the paradise? But exactly already not in our history, because in the extent of this music all irreversibly has gone: confrontation of the slaves and the masters, the right-wings and the left-wings, the pops and the rock, etc. The whole of technical devices, including sound, has already destroyed. Fragments of its details, if you will the guitar without string, – those are tools of Ignatz. And, clearly, it doesn’t restrict the master and doesn’t concern him. He creates the melody from everything comes to hand, like Adam or, for instance, Andy Goldsworthy. But they had the feeling of tomorrow! In the Ignatz’s world there isn’t any «future generation of listeners». As if he stayed in this other world privately, and now it is all the same – where is the top or the bottom here, where is the melody or the creak.

Then only his listener – silent emptiness with the remote obscure gleam of the conflagration or maybe the dawn. Clearly this emptiness is not English-speaking and not expecting grammatically correct utterance from him. That's why Ignatz utters to it without regulatory compliance. Nevertheless nothing of the kind as once Cocteau Twins, who like the birds for the elegance of the form
have sung by their own «dialect». This emptiness also is aesthetic unpretentious, and Ignatz doesn’t present it exquisite and usual «rock» moves. His own parts can play some instruments at once, which only in the culmination, as if groping one another, suddenly merge in one shrill harmony.

Therefore Ignatz is not lost in the labyrinth of his ego or the requirements of «beauty», on the contrary, his music is loaded with meaning pressure and its truth sends shivers down your spine. Hence it’s time to ask: what did he have to say to the emptiness? If only the despair and the hopelessness, then we have enough grieved, together with, for instance, Nirvana or Vincent Gallo. Oh no, Ignatz doesn’t tell us about his today’s temper, he as though renders an account for all our technical epoch without any tints and in such simplicity, about which we could dream. Yes, – it is still only an account for all that happened, with waiting for absolution…

PS: I would like to let you know beforehand, Gentlemen: so what Ignatz is genius – if you have something to trust in, then don’t hurry to meet his works, because he has already ascertained: all mу hopes have collapsed.

Ali Sheer for We Have No Zen

Besides, Bram recently updated his discography page with sweet info about 2 more releases, so look for tape "Some Of Them Are Very Funny Songs" (via Beniffer Editions) and self-released CDr "Ignatz & Harris Newman Bring You Buzzard Meat"!

Ignatz: Live at Enban, Tokyo 28-X-2008

Ignatz: Live at Helbaard, Den Haag

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