Really concrète release of Brisbane's experimentator Joel Stern. Since my English poetic skills are still dwell in pre-birth state, it'll be better to give a word to someone more voluble. To nice guy Matts Gustaffson, for example:

"Australian Joel Stern examines the sound of a certain place in a precise, almost ghostly manner. While listening to Unplugged/Jodphur, it feels like following right behind Stern from room to room with the difference that he can actually see what's in front of him. There are moments of complete silence so as to illustrate when we approach something new and different, and it's not without rushing excitement that you take a deep breath just to wait and see where he'll go next. Headphones and darkness will do these creepy sound collages a great service, but this will do just fine in daylight too. As a matter of fact that is possibly the way to go, because this one gives me a sense of unease from the very first note to the last no matter time of the day. In a similar way as Omit and Raeo, Stern makes music that is so emotionally exhausting that it can be hard to listen to in big doses. But once you get used to that lump on your chest it's a very rewarding listen. Nicely done."
Mats Gustaffson, Broken Face

Download full album and read more reviews HERE

Joel Stern + Tim Olive
Live at the 78th meeting of the Audiopollen Social Club at Concrete Forest
Brisbane 14-IX-2008

DJ Terracid Vs. DJ Stern
Michael Donnelly and Joel Stern get down and dirty under a tree near a river somewhere....
The result was this

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