I love these tracks.
Especially now.
Summmer's almost gone, if somebody missed these news...

These Feathers Have Plumes: Quiet Sun, Indian Summer
These Feathers Have Plumes (sold out)
© 2008 Period Tapes

Sylvester Anfang II: Na regen komt Zondvloed
Sylvester Anfang II (buy it)
© 2009 Aurora Borealis

A. Jarvis: Epiphyte
She Is Also Phasing (sold out)
© 2008 Peasant Magik

High Wolf: Astro Black Ghost, Speak To Me!
Incapulco (buy it)
© 2009 Winged Sun

Aan meets Eyes Like Saucers: Kristallivirta
Kristallivirta (buy it)
© 2008 Last Visible Dog

Green Blossoms: White Noon
Whyskey Leaves (buy it)
© 2009 Digitalis

The Magick Travelling Backpack Band: Changing Planes
The Magick Travelling Backpack Band (sold out)
© 2008 Foxglove

Pocahaunted: Untitled
Live At The OCCII Le Club Suburbia, Amsterdam (22-VI-2009) (download it)
© 2009 Noise Problems

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