Free Music Archive moved up it's long-awaited feature: now they provide each album with a code to embed player for blogs. To celebrate this news here are Grasshopper's 2 songs/45 mins Castle of Quiet Session. From 1st try the label was immediately born and it sounded like "pipers at the gates of drone". Since i already said lots of times — i'm not a heavy-weight reviewer — here's few self-representing words from band's MS: "Grasshopper is Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod's behemoth answer to "jazz infused" experimental electronic music. Using trumpets, EVI, and a modest amount of electronics the duo warp classical and traditional instrument sound sources into otherworldly drones and peaking waves of pulsating electric mire."
Grasshopper's profile page at FMA also have an intro message from Wm. Berger, who said the following: "Grasshopper, a multifaceted trumpet duo, comprised of Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod, don't so much play their instruments, as they do brutally butcher them in an outpouring of drone poems, noisescapes, feedback shrieks and gentle amp hums, portraying as much a direct lineage from Black Flag as they do Stravinsky, Bitches-era Miles Davis or Morton Subotnick. Grasshopper have been described as the sound of "a wolf's heartbeat on ultrasound," "a windspiel made of knives" and "snake charming music made by industrial robots." Basically, these Brooklyn boys take all the "nice" out of the implications of your mental picture of either a friendly garden insect, or a young Kwai Chang Caine. Terrifying sounds, but beautiful too."

The video report from this Castle session available at Berger's Castle blog.

Thanx to all Acid Marshmallow's incarnations @ Vimeo for videos))

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