"I never have a confidence in myself,
but i have great confidence in others
so the others are keeping me alive."

Kazuki Tomokawa

Thanx to Ed the commenter for tip — here we have recently published "La Faute Des Fleurs: a portrait of Kazuki Tomokawa", shaped in 3 10-mins parts, wild as it supposed to be. "A story about swallowing a star". "Pistol". "The God is crying in the well". "Pygment sky". Japanese streets. In/outdoor live performances. Brothel introduction. Prostitutes. Pics and flowers. Cigarettes. That noir movie hero's hat. And lots of faces... Very different ones. Maybe not the best musician's portrait, but these 3 short pieces are obviously about Tomokawa's music. Great. Who'd expect smth else?

"Many years have passed, for me, since I fell under this spell of his but the years definitely have not passed for him; for everyday he grows older he seems shines brighter. Strangely enough my love, also, has lost no vigor and so the time has come for everyone to see what I see and feel what I feel. And what better timing and way than with Moon's impromptu filming style… and now, a motive has been set."

Produced by Naohito Koike
Filmed and edited by Vincent Moon
Sounds by Teresa Eggers
Mix by Gaspar Claus (thanx, man, for yr lay-down cello!)

Links 2 check:
kazukitomokawa.com (yep, seems someone at last started this site!)

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