"He is still wearing the medieval cloak and he knows it is his old plague cloak. It is a beautiful garment of fine black camelwool lined with raw silk impregnated with suppurating lymph glands, tuberculosis and leprosy, the sweet rotten aftersmell of gangrene and putrid blood, the sharp reek of carrion, winter smell of typhus in cold doss houses where the windows are caulked with paper and never opened.... a very old cloak.... been in our family a long time, picking up a whiff here and a whiff there.... sweet diarrhea smells from cholera wards, black vomit of yellow fever in Bushwick, the congested sour smell of mental illnesslike rotten milk and mouse piss."
(William S. Burroughs, "The Place of Dead Roads"/Humansacrifice's MS profile)

Couple of months ago i dropped here live cuts from Lambs Gamble Italian tour, which Eric (of Vialka) revealed before. Then i received a message from another Gambler, "American-living-in-Glasgow" Fritz Welch and here's the result of our correspondence, where i asked him to chat a little about his work within Peeesseye project. He agreed to write few words about few albums and added download links so, my friends, yr eyes and ears can work both. Feel free to smoke and drink while reading/listening.

Band site's history section (named btw Perfect Salvation Initiation) in opposite to their unbounded audio incarnation speaks not so infinite — just few words, comprehensive in it's modesty: "Since 2002 The Peeesseye (Jaime Fennelly, Chris Forsyth & Fritz Welch) has been combining elements of warped rock architecture, freejazz horror, intergalactic glossolalia and stripped down abstract expressionism. Their concerts and recordings travel through fields of fine decay and up against walls of bonechilling catharsis." But words are for reading, so combine it with attached sounds to get into!

First goes the link — Peeeseye downloads
Then goes Fritz:

The following is a quick synopsis lowdown on the downloadable Peeesseye material on our website. It begins with the most recent release and goes backwards to the beginning of our recorded history. The group was formed in 2002 and was initially called psi – short, simple and almost not there. We changed our name to the phonetic spelling after a latenight gas huffing vision in which we all saw the letters glowing neon, made of bits of garbage and asteroid chunks.

Mayhem in the Mansion, Shivers in the Shack
© 2007 Evolving Ear
(Artwork and original font design by Paul Noble)

This album was recorded by the illusive audio wizard Bob Drake at his secret sonic coven at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. This dude's responsible for a couple of amazing Vialka albums among others by a wide range of artists. We had been on tour and still had road crud in our lungs and tracers in our mind eyes. These pieces were composed partially on the road and partly in the midst of improvised tom-fuckery. The room grew legs as we unearthed the pure sources providing each layer with its necessary components. There was someone there with us besides Bob, Maggie and them 2 dogs. Listening back i feel comforted by the density of the oozing cushions and the extra large mouth & lungs grafted onto my own. This shit makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck....

Mayhem in the mansion, Shivers in the shack
Give us our world or we'll steal it back!

Commuting Between the Surface & The Underworld
© 2006 Evolving Ear
(Cover photos by Josef Astor/artwork by p1 orn)

Our acoustic opus recorded over 4 or 5 months in NYC with multiple studio session including a graceful dalliance with a spinster harpsichord. 'Commuting' has a pastoral quality with lurking murky undercurrents of unrest and unsettled creepiness. It's as if a haybail had just bounced off a tractor, unweaving its threads and reversing the flow of grain growth. Or like some water grew hair and threatened to go moldy and majestic. My clearest memory of making this record is all of our heads crammed into a computer screen for hours on end, sharing the same tiny specs of oxygen and wondering if the specter would ever stop growing. Luckily it got big enough to support the inclusion of the excellent special additions on trumpet by Nate Wooley and harp & ghuzeng by Clare Cooper and percussion & voice by Shawn Edward Hansen.

As if the devil had worked overtime to create his garden
The great vaulted halls beneath the mountains
Within a world without light, food is scarce as sound
Sleep safe and sound on a soft bed of leaves
The carefree sounds of spring come to an eerie halt
All fledglings must one day take their turn
and turning inward without turning to talk
Commuting between the surface & the underworld

oo-ee-oo (Burnt Offering)
© 2006 Evolving Ear
(Artwork by Peeesseye)

This is a live recording made in a dank and shitty basement in New Brunswick New Jersey. It was at the tail end of a year of playing completely stripped down acoustic gigs: harmonium, snare drum, acoustic guitar and vocals. The coldness of the room is reflected in the simple, stark and harsh shutter of a 20 minute song going in a single forward driving hexing tumble. No ghosts wanted our throats this night!

Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators
© 2005 Evolving Ear
(CD design by Stephen O'Malley/drawings by Fritz Welch)

The title is ripped from an essay by Herbert Brün from a book we read while playing a gig at The School for Designing a Society. The title set the tone and feel for this oddball combination of concepts and constructs. It is the most chaotic and teeth scraping Peeesseye album and yet it also revels in cryptic silences. It features studio tracks as well as live recordings made on the road on a US tour in 2004. One of the most ridiculous tracks 'Golden Showers' (see Golden Showers/Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress 7” below), was made in Louisville Kentucky on Sept 9 at a gig in which we had the glorious opportunity of opening for an ultra cheesy Hootie and the Blowfish cover band. The club manager ordered us to stop after the first song. The audience hated us more. This piece is a chunk of the shattered remains of our longing to bring joy to a room full of vat grown zombies. The cd also has a secret 'bonus' track which is a field recording made by septuagenarian social worker and goat farmer Danna Laliberte.

Golden Showers / Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress 7"
© 2004 Evolving Ear
(Artwork by Fritz Welch)

Side A of this 7", Golden Showers is a splattered wrinkle of residue borrowed from the Peeesseye side project peeinmyfacewithsurgery. In this context a 'golden shower' was the shorthand signal for an explosive sonic eruption in a field of relative silence. In their purest form the static passages become crucial building material supporting the diseased chunks of soundmass. Side B, Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress, is a cicada song cycle inside a post coma breathing exercise. Go try and sleep softly trapped in your own wrinkled corpse!

Black American Flag
© 2004 Evolving Ear
(Artwork by Fritz Welch)

May Day is a live recording made on May 1st 2003 in Brooklyn NY at Improvised and Otherwise Festival. It's a typical document of our live sound at the time; patiently unfolding and ready to unload. We were gunning for a full blown assault on patriotic complacency and nationalistic retardation as well as the expected formulas of improvisation. Equal parts stampede and foetal kicks.

The __ who had begun his career as a useful ___ of the ___ court later became the ___ of ___ and the ___ of ___.
© 2003 Evolving Ear
(CD design by Robert Johnston)

Earliest recordings of psi made at the now long defunct Black Helicopter Studio in lower Manhattan just a stones throw from Ground Zero. Run by DIY engineers Willis and Willard, this studio also recorded Lambs Gamble, Forsyth & Heenan and Irritating HorseEye. This was our slow, clean and stark phase. We were all quite relieved to find each in the musical garbage dump and took our time looking under the rocks of possibility. At this point it was a total revelation to lay back and let almost nothing happen. This was the sound of spores being shifted from moss on a stone to a dungheap to a drifting iceberg....

In addition to the releases mentioned above, Peeesseye has various smaller things dribbling out bit by bit. The most ambitious of these is the 6 cassette series 'Robust Commercial Fucking Scream' on Digitalis Industries. These are all live recordings made on tour between 2005-2008. The Oklahoma based label first became interested in the group after hearing us play the 24 hour song cycle 'Bury Me Deep' at the annual WestCoast Shapeshifters Festival in Phoenix Arizona 2003. Brad's disembodied form contacted us through a microscopic bacteria in a watery grave. We agreed to put out the series in exchange for minibar refills and unlimited bionic ear refurbishments.

Robust Commercial Fucking Scream (6 cassette series)
Volume 1: L'Embobineuse, Marseille, France - October 10, 2006
Volume 2: Tonic, New York City, New York - December 10, 2005 with Shawn E. Hansen and Stephen O'Malley
Volume 3: Colour Out of Space, Brighton, England - September 5, 2008
Volume 4: United Club, Torino, Italy - November 7, 2007
Volume 5: Innsekt, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany - October 26, 2007
Volume 6: Cave 12 a l'Ecurie, Geneva, Switzerland - Sept 19, 2008
© Digitalis Industries

I Woke up and Drank a Bottle of Cheap Kojak CDr
Live at Town Hall Tavern Manchester, UK - September 12, 2008
© Golden Lab Records

Blood Spots in the Porridge CDr
Live at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh Scotland - September 11, 2008
© Giant Tank

Shadow in the Swamp Cassette
new studio material & preview of upcoming Pestilence & Joy LP
© Sick Head Tapes

Teton Trout CDr
Live at Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, May 20, 2008
© Evolving Ear

Pestilence & Joy LP
long awaited follow up to Mayhem in the Mansion, Shivers in the Shack. due to be released 2010....
© Evolving Ear

All notes by Fritz Welch,
All releases available at Evolving Ear

Artwork by Ronaldo Wright.

Peeesseye Live @ LSOA Buridda, Genova

Peeesseye "oo-ee-oo"

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