one of the worst parts of my attention to almost anything in my life is an attitude "why to be hurry, we always have some more time". that's why already 2 things i was trying to up are still in half-released shape... the 1st thing — great one and really important to me — is half-compilation/half-new (at least it was in June) release of Russian wonder-kid Sergey Kozlov a.k.a. Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi. those who already heard his previous 2 albums (both quickly sold out) released by Philip French's Stunned records, obviously got this one too, but i hope that someone here may find this music brand new to one's ears, so here's the 2nd official WeHaveNoZen's release presenting neo-psychedelic vibes from contemporary Russia.

short intro: originally WHNZ:2:DOHOB was out in the end of last June and the delay of this post here was caused by my hope to translate Sergey's interview (which was posted in Russian version of WHNZ quite up-to-date) in English, but clear hopes usually lead to nothing. there's always a need to do smth, to make a first step from thoughts towards realization. from that time lots of things changed: we discussed the physical release of this album and not long time ago Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi and Michael Jantz of Black Eagle Child released via Sturmundrugs records (young Italian label led by Donato Epiro) their collab CDr — single hour-long cyberjam named Bouts-Rimйs (sic!) — seems u still can buy one of it's 120 copies from label or directly from KO or Mike...

back here — inspired by "snakes and Borges", WHNZ:2:DOHOB consists of 7 Kabyzdoh's tracks which were recorded mostly in the 1st half of 2009, right before he took part in first ever Damo Suzuki's gig in Ukraine as the only Russian sound-carrier alongside with other Ukainian musicians. actually DOHOB was not prepared as a real "conceptual album" — rather as work material, but after awhile Sergey re-recorded few tracks and the result appeared to be more than nice, to my opinion. so —

1. God Yuka (4:15)
2. Kaa Kafka (22:48)
3. A Bao Acu (9:43)
4. Do Le Andadora (12:13)
5. Boababa, Pt. 2 (7:03)
6. #99 (3:46)
7. Serpenmoloh (3:59)

u can listen to entire album here as well as download it thru provided links:

video for KO's track Bendefele Kuhe (Estcho, Stunned 2009), mixed and edited by Sergey himself:

KO @ MySpace
KO @ LastFM (with almost all his up2date releases to hear)
KO @ Brainwashed (review by Henry Smith)
KO @ Ear-Conditioned Nightmare (reviews)

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