frankly i never would say that Soundcloud will gain attention of suchguys and — even more — that they'll start using it this way. looks kinda weird and maybe complicated to me (for this kind of compilations i'd myself prefer uhmm... 8tracks, maybe), but nevertheless here's "the third mix from Digitalis head-honcho Brad Rose" placed @ Type records' "Typecasts". have to admit, this >1 hour mixture of wide range artists ain't really my piece (ok ok — generally i meant), but since i admire the idea of moving music into web storage, this mix i definitely want to put here. at least as a bookmark and maybe as an introduction for somebody. listening to new and interesting stuff, discovering new names and sounds via web is the future. and the future is almost here.

Type guys say:

You should know the deal by now, Brad Rose is The North Sea (among other things) and also runs the fab Digitalis label. He’s got a sizable record collection and, well, we love it when he graces us with a mix (or three). Here’s one primed for the Fall with some pure hits, old and new…

1 “Behind the Habit Wheel” – Flowerman (from “Exotic Cameo” CDR)
2 “Canned Air” – Mars Accelerator (self-released & FREE
3 “Honey” – Altar Eagle (from forthcoming “Mechanical Gardens” album on Type)
4 “Bells” – Secret Colors (from s/t tape/CDR)
5 “God Bless The Child” – Terrors (from split tape w/ Infinite Body on Cavelife)
6 “Love Lagoon” – Blue Sabbath Black Fiji (from “Gemini” CDR)
7 “Fear is a Man’s Best Friend” – Shahs (free download EP from their myspace)
8 “When I Get Home” – Baby Dee (from “Love’s Small Song”)
9 “Song for Dennis Brown” – the Mountain Goats (from “The Sunset Tree”)
10 “Centennial” – Acre (from forthcoming Digitalis CD)
11 “Moan Roar Squawk Yelp, How’m I Gonna Sway You?” – Alphabets (from “Pow Sound” tape)
12 “The Sound of Lies” – Odawas (from “The Blue Depths”)
13 “Into the Ground” – Roll the Dice (from forthcoming LP on Digitalis)
14 “India” – Mira Cook (live on WFMU, from forthcoming LP on Digitalis)
15 “Thunder Road” – Bruce Springsteen (live recording)

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