Sometimes some things are lasting for moments no matter how hard u try to prolong 'em. Also sometimes it seems that u'll never finish the thing u want to be done already for few weeks/months...
This Blue Sabbath Black Fiji compilation was ready long time ago and didn't appear online only coz i wanted it to be zingered with an interview of Janin and Charles. Almost half of it is already done, but nobody here on Earth counts "almost". So today (coz it's a special day!) i proudly want to place online the 3d WHNZ's release and to ask all of u guys, who like this duo, to send yr best wishes to Janin — it's her birthday RIGHT NOW. Send congrats via comments at band's MySpace or via Facebook or via mail or u can do it personally at live shows.

Artwork by Janin Benecke


Spanning 4 years of Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, the WHNZ:3:EHKI compilation is an introduction to the couple's freaky & upbeat noise, cosmic equation of guitars, screams and drum machines that should make your life appear slower than usual.

Ejaculation Ejaculation
from Creamy Beast (Ozonokids Tape 2007)/Wankers (upcoming Digitalis CD)
from Lazer Saber (JK Tapes CDR 2007/Abandon Ship 2008)
Black Rice
from Lazer Saber (JK Tapes CDR 2007/Abandon Ship 2008)
Screamin' Janin B
from Splash (Parasitic Twins Tape 2008/upcoming Tanzprocesz Tape)
Deep Gravy 7
from Splash (Parasitic Twins Tape 2008/upcoming Tanzprocesz Tape)/Gemini (Deathbomb Arc 2009/upcoming Digitalis CD)
from Uppers (upcoming Tanzprocesz Tape)
FIFA Anthem 98
from Lazer Saber (JK Tapes CDR 2007/Abandon Ship 2008)
Lay It Down (On The People)
from Uppers (upcoming Tanzprocesz Tape)
for the We Have No Zen compilation 2009

Download it
PER TRACK or ZIPPED (Mediafire, MP3 @ 256 kbps VBR, 68 Mb)

For those "who do not":
BSBF is Janin & Charles. Moreover they act with the guitarre. It can be that the rythmus or the song is added the climate of these improvisations is coldly with the disco music of disco music heat changes spherical spaces until the weiredness polyrythmic mortal into metal of death comes rather as well and makes cook the animal.

Interview (i hope we'll finish it someday hehe) will follow. We all have to prepare ourselves, to get more/less serious and... sober.

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