Just noticed that a huge event i'd be aware of was oddly missed: the beloved Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood released their brand new CDr (though it took 2 years from scratch to distribution) named Hashram via French label Crier dans les Musées! This album's out celebrations should roar in all those internets, but somehow it all went silent, without salutes and Google answered in "0.49 seconds" on brief search with humble "Results 1 - 10 of about 66 for "brothers of the occult sisterhood" "hashram""... It's impossible! Norman distro already said that item is sold out, though it was released only in October. Well, ok, there's 2 teasers (with fckn weird brass!) to get u all envy what most folks got slipped thru one's fingers.

Mike wrote on his Pacific Soma page the following: "After a long incubation, Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood's Hashram CDr is now available. Released by our good friends at Crier dans les Musées. We also have a few copies for sale, contact us at mymwly-at-hotmail-dot-com to check availability (USD 10, postage included). Recorded during a mammoth 4 day session on the farm in 2007, Hashram reveals BOTOS in communal derangement mode. Players were Jaime Fennelly, Eon, Helen Southall, Sarah Spencer, Joel Stern and Michael Donnelly."

Crier dans les Musées adds few words more: "They're back... Your favorite Australian improv band was everywhere from 2004 to 2007. So many great releases out on Digitalis, Student of Decay, mymwly, Root Strata... And then a little break happened. Since a couple of months the collective has returned, mostly with 6majik9 records. Now we're proud to release the first BOTOS CDr for a long time. Recorded in 2008, team lead by drummer Michael Donnelly features Joel Stern on guitar for a free improv jam full of percussion and electricity, far beyond the psyche folk genre."

Actually i don't know why 2 BOTOS' albums from 2008 and Grass Openings, released by Pacific Soma/Ikuisuus tandem this September weren't counted, but anyway — Hashram's appearance must be considered as a holiday round here. Nicccceeeee!


Try to get yr piece of Hashram from CDLM label or from Discriminate Music distro or directly from Mike Donnelly and his new brainchild label Pacific Soma.

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Анонимный комментирует...

if its out of print or sold out, why dont you just post it or where can i go to get it?

African комментирует...

there's 3 links and i BELIEVE that at least 1 of 'em is still worrrrrrrrks. anyway if u need it — try it

Анонимный комментирует...

where is the links?

African комментирует...

check here