They are great and there ought to be more of their music! So be it...
Self-presentation from Death Chants' page to get a bit closer:
"Death Chants is the name of our band. We play music from beyond the borders of time and space. There are other worlds through which we wander. Sometimes we can show them to you.
In our band there are three young gentlemen named Rafi, Paul, and Michael, and a girl named Alison. We are all multi-instrumental but have different specialties which you may come to recognize. We have our base of operations in the teeming capital city, Washington DC. Very near to the city there is a park for the C&O Canal and the Potomac River that we like to visit. We see a lot of toads there, which are of varying sizes and colors. The mighty river is of the treacherous, surging, boulderous variety.
Sometimes we drive along River Road, away from the city, to where there are both big houses and big fields. In that area there is an expansive construction site with giant piles of dirt rising from the earth and a nettle-strewn slope descending to a stinking pool of eutrophicated suburban runoff. But in this place there also flocks of massive wild turkeys that make awesome, spastic crash-landings in the trees, and families of foxes, including babies with tiny black feet. And there are many clearings in the small strip of forest that descends from this place to the Canal, in which the gently sloped ground is covered with damp, broad-bladed translucent grass.
In our city at night the sky is orange. With spacecrafts made of sound and magnetic lights and rainbow flame crystals, Rafi and Paul continue to Represent in the city while Michael and Alison go to college in regions of darker skies, in the North and in the near East, respectively. We are all going to go live in beautiful places When We Grow Up, be they space stations or friendlier cities or Bulgarian mountain villages or earthship colonies or cob houses. We do not know when these times will come. Until then we congregate when we can and sometimes from there we blast off to other places."

Natural History 2006
About: Gorgeous new full length disc from these newborn sonic voyagers, and their best stuff yet... All the finest elements of the bands two self released cassettes, Natural History & Moss Master, lifted ever higher by added electricity and some slight distillation... Flickering neon smoke rings of sound dissolving into the atmosphere... Alternating melancholy/ecstatic vibes with raga-esque acoustic guitars, chiming electric guitars, slippery liquid flute, harmonium, sparse percussion, blissed female/male vocal bits, low level bass drone, kosmic synth tickles and damaged tape warble, plus one beauty of a song ... The kind of smoked-out bedroom cult, eyes to the ceiling, home-fi psychedelia we just can't get enough of...

Review @ Dusted
Review @ Kid Shirt's blog


Valley Of Light 2006
Cauliflower Dreams
About: Two long improvs comprising a live set performed at Bard College in May 2006. From Cauliflower Dreams: "this disc will send you to the moon and back. 2 loooong tracks that sing about the deepest river on earth, your mind."


Moon Pie EP CDR 2008

About: "Featuring Michael Knight and Alison Stout of Death Chants, D.C. based Moon Pie creates a fabulously eclectic musical sound, in which can be found not only aspects of the psychedelic shoegaze-folk of their former band but also the rattle and clang of industrial, the textural buzz 'n' hum of drone, the creepy otherworldliness of carnival music, the mournful strains of Albanian urban lyric song, the whimsical yet ominous pastiche of Tropicalia and last but certainly not least the surreal kitsch of early 20th century Vaudeville.
Every copy features an entirely unique collage-decorated, handmade cloth cover painstakingly created by the band members; no two are alike. Limited edition of 100."
"Moon Pie's first release to be unleashed upon the world is our self-released "EP CDR", an E.P. CD-R., which we first began distributing in October 2008. Every copy features an entirely unique collage-decorated, handmade cloth cover and no two are alike. The copy pictured here was the first one created and is now in the hands of Will Cullen Hart of Olivia Tremor Control fame. The track "Pleasant Pheasant" is only available on the internet release of the EP."



PS: and yeah, old Death Chants stuff re-upped...

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