There's 1 more (not really bald-fresh, but nevertheless) surf revelation from Bandcamp service: Infinite Fjords Sampler from Thor's Rubber Hammer label (Washington, DC) feat. 10 tracks from 10 collectives. Most of 'em was new ones to me and appeared to be nice discoveries. Though i never could call sampler format "the best way to hear new stuff", but nothing is really ideal — there's always kinda catchy/itchy things and it's hard to avoid "hit n' miss" opinion. I just accepted Infinite Fjords as "one night's ambience" and was glad to get back to it again. And again later... And tonight i think it'll be great to revisit it more so i just want to place it here to know where i'll get it faster than using bookmarks and weak memory. If someone else will find it interesting too, don't miss another cool compilation from TRH.
PS: Beru's "folk-noise" is sweet and weird and the Chartreuse's closer asks for loop function in player...

<a href="">I HEART LUNG &quot;Axes Only&quot; by Thor's Rubber Hammer</a>
As usually, Bandcamp provides "immediate download of 10-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire".

• I HEART LUNG "Axes Only"
• THE PISTIL COSMOS "Untitled, No. 1"
• THE INSTRUMENTS "Last Holiday"
• BRIGHT DUPLEX "It's Geese"
• MOTHGUTS "Fried P*ssy Cakes"
• DWMTG "Untitled, No. 9"
• TALIBAM! "The Geometric Mophometrics... (excerpt)"
• BERU "Prophecies of Love & Gravities Power (excerpt)"
• SUSAN ALCORN "A Tale of Late December (excerpt)"

Info from label: "Thor's Rubber Hammer believes that sounds speak to each other. (We know, that sounds like hippie bullshit, but work with us here.) This sampler reflects how a sinister free-jazz/grind band can sit comfortably next to heart-achingly beautiful drone or how a somber cello-led ballad shares a cup of coffee with a cut-up collage/folk artist.
This sampler will constantly change, sometimes featuring out of print Thor's Rubber Hammer releases, and often previewing material way before the vinyl, cassette, CD, whatever is out. We hope you enjoy it."

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