Last year's closure. Lo-fier than ever, Keijo again stepped out thru Ikuisuus' doors and again we have a chance to drown ourselves in haze of Finnish psychedelic/free folk tuned as close to blues as it possible when one speaks about Keijo's music.

Info: "Keijo's songs draw from country-blues sources, as is often the case with his releases, there's a couple of Woody Guthrie interpretations included here. Harmonicas whine and woe, but also keep up the rhythm of keepin' on. In these songs, people get up early and travel in a land "that used to be your land." It's a place where luck comes and goes, just like the people that you meet. The girl knows how to hit you like rolling thunder, the workers are left unpaid (the boss ain't), the ones with no work are standing in the welfare line, your "true love" throws you a suitcase and shows you the door, there's working in the country and in the cities, an anonymous wanderer carries the blues wherever he goes — but it's bigger than just being down: you don't see me worrying, 'cos I've got nothing left to lose. That's why we all share the blues."

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