In the end of October during their 2nd (i hope not the 3d) 2009 tour Vialka played gig at XI20 club (Vilnus, Lithuania). Club runners, as i got know, have a very cool tradition to record each concert and in a month or so Eric Boros revealed these to that time half-official recordings with promise to prepare full length web-release. This stuff came right now as a nice NY present from Vialka. Hope everybody who love this couple will check once again their enormous live drive's audio reflection. The rest have another one possibility to meet the band and personal suggestions to check these tunes so when Eric and Marylise will pop around yr place u'd have nothing to say against the proposition to attend their show. Best!

• Everyone's Talking (No One's Listening)
• 100% Hello
• One For The Road
• Opera Brut
• Premiers Pas
• Shitty Monkeys
• Do What Now?
• Secret Thieves
• Only The Wrong Survive
• Plus Vite Que La Musique, Le Monde Tourne
• Always Against

Downloads in WAV, FLAC, OGG and MP3 available at

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Nice One,

I think Vialka is better live than on their records, that's why this live album is great! Thanks for the link!

If you would like to hear Vialka's new album 'Succès Planétaire International', feel free to visit my blog: