Sometimes u look at yr collection not slightly but a bit deeper, wipe away some dust of it's ages and suddenly bump onto smth really actual. It'd be said about my attitude to Zga's music. Not for everyday listening obviously, but to be revisited at least once-twice a year. This compilation is quite nice start point for those who don't know this Russian avant/industrial jewel... Hail to Nick Soundik!

Info: "ZGA is a unique phenomenon in Russian post-rock music. There’s never been a band that would for so long, so consistently and with such dogged perseverance and dedication pursue the non-compromised approach to music.
ZGA pretty much equals Nick Sudnick. Throughout countless personnel changes Nick has always been there - the mind, the heart, the soul, the creator and inventor of this unparalleled music. He was a connoisseur and avid collector of Rock in Opposition and industrial: Henry Cow, This Heat, Test Department, Universe Zero. That was the shape of sound ZGA was aiming at..."

Read more/buy it at Some Bizzare distro

Zga/Figs MS page to check for more.

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