Here we have another one message from Washington DC and another cause to thank all those inernets for narrowing worldwide connections: few days ago Alison from Moon Pie/Death Chants revealed the brand new live CDr of Moon Pie, self-released by the band. It called Live Alive and all appreciators can order it right from MP only (but guys are looking for wider distro, as they said at their site). This 39 mins 5 tracks piece is representing more improv/psychedelic side of Alison and Michael (plus their, as far as i understand, constant collaborator Doug Stailey on cello) and contains live material recorded between August 2009 and January 2010. Live Alive called by authors "a nice combination of composed songs and long improvs" and it's true. Not dark, but err... Twilight. Kind of the sharp and very momentary edge between night and early morning when one can simultaneously feel still "that" and already "this" both real and available.
Also - in Alison's words - Live Alive "has a more expansive, improvised sound on some tracks and overall a nocturnal, melancholy feel. Another notable characteristic is that we collaborated with a cellist at all these performances which added a new dimension to our sound."

click player's upper triangle to expand full tracklist

For fulltrack downloads feed yr mousebutton here. If u'll like it - order it via moonpieinthesky-at-gmail-dot-com. These $5 are less than these sounds.
Thanx guys for putting this release online for promo!

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