Few days ago when (fuckin' блядзззь again) i decided to upgrade my Hackintosh to 10.6.2 (how could i aim for less), i've lost everything that could provide audiospace in our home except my Ubuntubook and TV-box above DVD-player. But these ones ain't fit enough African's tastes as wide as it'd be. After this self-mindfuck happening i realised once again how cool stream-audio is. I love all the stuff i place here and i hope some of this blog's guests share this opinion. So ok, so 2day's topic is Talvihorros, so "Talvihorros is the studio project of London based Ben Chatwin, exploring the electronic manipulation of acoustic instruments. Acoustic, electric and prepared guitars are integrated with organ, piano, mandolin, analogue synthesizer and an array of percussion instruments to create paradoxical feelings of warmth and impending doom."
Also not less official webs say that "Talvihorros is an electro-acoustic musician who’s carefully woven threads of melodic guitar, electronic noise and distant percussion create paradoxical feelings of warmth and impending doom. Fans of Fennesz, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Labradford and Tim Hecker will find much to enjoy."
Easy, light-weight, maybe even kinda pop-ambient minimal soundtrack for trip from this street of one's city to another one. It'd be marked as a mellow mood period between the trees in the garden where u go to get rid of all the shit u dwell in/thru within yr everyday-concrete-jungle-cell. No nerve-stretched tenses, only warm and comfort soundclouds. In Norman records' words, it's a "...straddling post rock, and neo classical but not really using the cliches of either and coming up with something wholly original and moving." Today this message was more than paracetamol for my mind, weak and exhausted after yesterday gig of Charles Gayle, Juini Booth and Roger Turner. I love free jazz. I love sweet sounds. I love music and just wanna fix here each of my ear-scars. We're looking for good streams, we're getting ones.

More info, sounds, news and links available at Talvihorros' official site.

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