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Ukraine is big, weird, wild and unpredictable. The Eastern part is almost Russia, the Western one is almost Poland/Romania. Here people can fire up a revolution, rejecting the unclear presidential elections and after the victory to blame the president for every smallest piece of shit they faced with or without his "help" AND to get rid of him in next 6 years by choosing that guy whom they booed with that so called "revolution". Here the head of government could be chosen even if he was in the criminal court thrice for robbery, assault and rape. Here people humbly and obediently chew TV-bubblegum while other people making unbelievable art projects, but since TV is much wider than art, probably u'll never know about that in full range. So to make it a bit less ordinary 4th world country here's the wild and weird, as the whole country, Ukrainian pure improv/avant-garde project Рясне 2000 to yr attention.
When it was decided to make this release (which is actually their debut "My Funny Quarantine"), i asked authors to reveal some story behind the project and after short mailings they bumped onto the idea of auto-interview "Andrey speaks to Andrey", which as i think is great (if not best) way to dig out the true story… So sit back, relax and enjoy.

"Ukrainian DIY avant-garde/free improvisation project Рясне 2000 (pronounced "Riasne Dva Try Nulya") are Andrii and Zoia Kosmohunaiski, with additional guest players. A & Z are as much concerned with eating walls (and squeezing & crushing plaster off it between their teeth) as with anything else. Рясне 2000 are pro-sports, pro-sex (kind of) and pro-Geek-Catholic-liturgy. Рясне 2000 stem from Sykhiv, which is yesterday's Lviv of trees now reborn as Pendulum Neo-City = 0. P2000 are young and old, bodily varied, and they are self-professed and self-processed exorcists. "To waste with your wasteland!" could be their motto. A & Z concluded that 2009 was just the right time in Sykhiv to form a group with "2000" in the title. "My Funny Quarantine" was recorded at the peak of the local swine flu craze, when there were too few people on the streets of Sykhiv to notice."

A1: Сan you present yourself to the audience?
A2: We have no audience! At least at the moment of this interview.
A1: I know it. And still. Cannot you have an imaginary audience?
A2: OK. I am Andrij and I firmly believe I am a musician, despite what some naysayers say (they say "nay"). Who are you?
A1: I am Andriy and I not so firmly believe I am kinda musician but I believe also all the naysayers though they don't necessarily say "nay".


A1: What are Ryasne 2000?
A2: As the myspace page says, it's Andrii and Zoia Kosmohunaiski, Andrii being a plural form of as well as the new official spelling of our names in the singular form. Zoia is probably a kind of a sisterly zombie creature to us, although naysayers may say otherwise...
A1: "They say" she's Galia, who, last I heard, wishes to be referred to as The USA [sic].
A2: You sure heard it. She explicitly told you to tell us to tell the imaginary audience that she should be referred to like this. One of the elements of Ryasne 2000 from the start was that we never knew whether we should mystify anyone about who we are, because there was no one to mystify or to demystify ever to begin with.
A1: Mystifying is kinda fun. Though we're no fucking mystifiers.
A2: We were too wasted when we began this to even properly consider mystifying anyone in a proper way.
A1: So, out with the mystics.
A2: Why did you agree to start a no-fi, or should i say, anti-fi band?
A1: First we agreed simply to visit a certain forgotten club and have some drinks and some crazy fun...
A2: You and Galia, or The USA, mixed vodka with Sprite, and I guess I was so over-excited that making music in Lviv could suddenly be very unlike going to school that I didn't need to drink anything, erm, explicitly.
A1: But it also did no harm to us. On the contary. I was feeling like in heaven - I mean - our first time together, you know what I mean? Like, as we said after - going to the church. Real underground funky Lviv suburbs cartoon church!
A2: Naysayers probably would disagree with the "funky" qualifier.
A1: Oh, I meant "fucking"! Like real homeless people!
A2: You mean that we were feeling like real homeless people fucking?
A1: So we felt then and there. Like funky astronauts in super-funky-flanky-odyssey 2000. [pause] Do they fuck..?


A2: I guess we should tell some pre-history of the club where we recorded both of our albums. [The club in question is the now defunct "Odnevse" club, which translates approximately as "Oneall". - Ed.]
A1: [...going on] I slept zombie after that and for the first time in my life I loved them - I mean not all of them but the blue ones - because the green ones were still ugly... Oh yeah - the club... We may dub Zoia "Galia the Club".
A2: You slept like a zombie or with a zombie?
A1: I just slept them [sic]. So, it was in a club - and it has some history, yes?
A2: The Club was our Gaia, and Galia was its owner for some reason.
A1: But she used to present herself as a cleaner. For some reason.
A2: No she didn't!
A1: And for some reason the guards often had her outside.
A2: You're mystifying!
A1: Hell no! No mystikz - I promised you before!
A2: They had her outside because the inside of the club was... outside [winks cosmically]?
A1: No - outside was Sykhiv... [sings first notes of Beethoven's 5th] And all that creepy inspiring stuff - God's Mother's statue, cold wind, tiny late travellers. [Sykhiv is THE thriving post-industrial suburb of Lviv. - Ed.]
A2: Tiny late travellers!!!
A1: I remember them this way. Lots of really inspiring things. And that time we were allowed into the kitchen...
A2: That was the second time! [My Funny Quarantine was recorded in the club's abandoned kitchen. - Ed.]
A1: Now I call it our soul kitchen. Yeah? Sorry! Oops, indeed.
A2: The first time was when Gaia let us into the room with the drumkit.
A1: But something loomed from the kitchen as a promise - it did that time, I remember. [pause] Oh, I got it - Galia brought vodka from the kitchen! And we were let into the drum room just for 16 minutes.
A2: The club was defunct by then - no more DJ sets by us (who had never DJ'ed before DJ'ing in this club), no more alternative youths doing guitar metal rock music events, just the abandoned half-drumkit, no cymbals, and the kitchen.
A1: And a wide wasteland - the grey dancefloor between them.
A2: And the walls and ceiling are painted black, so that we had this black paint all over our hands and nostrils after we did a dubstep DJ set, with bass turned up to maximum. [Our friend who did the dubstep part did not make any sounds for Ryasne 2000. The bass during the DJ set in question had been turned up so high that it had drowned out all the other sounds; "Nine Samurai" had sounded like an excerpt from "Earth 2". People had danced though. Meanwhile the bass quakes had caused the paint to peel off and fill the air above the dancefloor in the form of subtle black powder. At least that's our hypothesis about the origin of the nostril blackness. - Ed.]
A1: So it was already a sacred place - for those reasons - like we presented to Lviv folks things such as post-punk, dubstep, or Detriot techno. People (mostly) ignored us and I am very grateful. It was really creepy - to see black dust of death inside us - I was mystified. And nobody demystfied me on that occasion - nobody did to this day.


A1: Well, our culturally enlightening efforts were ignored and nothing was left for us except doing something... you know...
A2: We were actually the first people to spin DJ Screw and dubstep in Lviv, that was 2007!
A1: Oh, that was so 2007...
A2: Yeah, old hat by now.
A1: But I heard a drum'n'bass DJ spinning some dubstep already this winter. They really do it now.
A2: Yeah, they're becoming up to date now. We also decided to become finally up to date when we named our band Ryasne 2000 in 2009.
A1: But I hope nobody will be s(p)in(g)ning no-fi in Lviv in 4 years.
A2: Originally a different sisterly zombie creature was planned for Ryasne 2000 but then she left to become a proper scientist in Canada.
A1: So many creatures left us to become scientists!
A2: Then we stumbled upon Galia, who by that time became clubless and turned into a sort of mystifying person...
A1: So, we were ignored, abandoned and sort of frustrated. I want to put a stress on these human conditions. And suddenly we were blessed with Gala. Halo. Halia!
A2: Halia Selassia!
A1: I saw her moving and snarling. I thought - she can do it.
A2: She had never moved and snarled when she had been an owner.
A1: Owners don't move!
A2: She almost didn't recognize or remember us by that time, even though we were innovative club DJs! In her own club!
A1: But who knows - when she had been a cleaner some dark late night - when nobody could have seen her moving... I was recognized - I actually was stumbling upon her several times in a year.
A2: I guess she had only moved from the "owner" to the "cleaner" identity at that time, shapeshifted... back and forth...
A1: To and fro... From the north... Like a 'mo.
A2: What?
A1: 'mo = emo. This is my spontaneous verse. [pause] I feel like old hat now. [pause] Lets get to the core!


A1: What have you done to your colleagues to make us sing and swing? I know you're the only musician among us.
A2: I brought the instruments! Anything that could fit in a fist fit us. And I brought my mp3-player with its wonderful anti-fi microphone with which I already had been having a wonderful private relationship at home.
A1: So you decided to make it collective? Not private - am I right that you're left, I mean, Marxist? [Originally, before everyone went away to become proper scientists, Ryasne 2000 had been planned as a scientifically Marxist (historical-materialist) hip-hop/R&B project. - Ed.]
A2: You're right that I'm left, you're to that I'm fro...
A1: So there were instruments!
A2: The usual throwaway shit, two sopilkas, you brought a drymba. The second time I also brought a harmonica... I used the sopilkas as drumsticks too.
A1: Yeah, we were a thowaway band! Former owner, former not even DJs...
A2: Former innovative non-DJs!
A1: Non-substance-band. That was us. It's a very heartwarming business. Do we have some audience already, in Lviv or nearby? [pause]
A2: [Suddenly became totally hypnotized by having had stared at monitor all this time doing a self-interview. - Ed.]
A1: I want to make a serious statement! [pause]
A2: [Desperately trying to focus. - Ed.]
A1: [pause]

Full album is available for download (MP3 @ 320 kbps) at Archive.org.

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