Some of u already heard it/got it, but still i cant leave aboard such good album...

"This release, the final Yellow Swans album as the duo of Pete Swanson and Gabriel Mindel Saloman have called it quits, is getting praise from noise and metal forums to the experimental/electronica crowd. And every last bit of it is well deserved. If you’ve been lucky enough to grab one of Swanson’s self-released tapes from last year, you pretty much know what to expect: utterly intense overloads of multi-layered washes of guitar and electronics; cacophony, beautiful melodies buried way down in the mix and yet totally dominant, and at times, hints at beats or at least some sort of percussive backbone.
There are six tracks on this album and while the 13-minute epic “Opt Out” could be called its centrepiece, my favourite has to be “Limited Space” (big brother to the “Unlimited Options” tracks on one of the cassettes mentioned above?) with its flawless dynamics. “Going Places” is that rare album that is both intimate and overwhelming, tender and frightening, psychedelic and menacingly sober. The meticulous vinyl is especially recommended but in whatever form, this ranks as one of the best albums I’ve heard in recent, well, years. 9/10."

"‘Going Places’ is Yellow Swans’ conclusion as an entity, and sees the duo looking inward to create their most introspective work to date. It shouldn’t be surprising given the climate in which the record was put together, but without the constant touring Swanson and Mindel allowed themselves to take their time on the record and allow the tracks to breathe somewhat. The resulting collection is distilled and reflective, retaining the grit and damage of their earlier work but adding layers of harmony and, maybe more surprisingly, pulsing rhythms. The improvisational, psychedelic washes that have always enriched their sound are tempered and controlled, leaving an almost Kosmische narrative. The drifting, subtle beauty that characterised their last album, ‘At All Ends’, has emerged even further in the mix, and Mindel’s guitar is allowed to play foil to Swanson’s piercing noise. Comparisons could be made to Tim Hecker or even Brian Eno in parts, but Yellow Swans’ harsher edge sets them apart from many of their peers."

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"Truly intense album from this incredible band - bringing together visceral noise components and drone pop for their last ever studio album... Legendary American noise unit Yellow Swans return with what is purportedly their final studio album and without doubt their most devastating collection of noise/drone recordings yet, a majestically defining album of collapsing supernova psychedelics..."

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