This is brilliant, fantastic, gorgeous, awesome, whatever (add your own superior adjective) ear killer. Obvious case to recall the Acid Mothers Temple existence and their role in contemporary psychedelic. Love from the first chords, but actually, i myself bowed to the 2nd part of this album (release mentioned both as CD and 2LP versions). These 4 tracks (each 18+ minutes long) are the true audiophile's guide to the galaxy and misc space-related events/trips, which you'd eager to take. As usually — depending on the trip length don't forget about switching to the "repeat mode" — it's helpful while getting thru the thick layers of aftereffects, you know. Some might find cool to use announced in album's name "∞ repeat", though it'd drain ones out coz of this music's mighty powers and human organism's limited resources…

"Acid Mothers Temple follow up their classic cover of Terry Riley's In C. This is also the first Acid Mothers Temple record in a long time to feature the voice of Cotton Casino. Beginning with their cover of Riley's "In C", AMT went on to create "In E" and "In D", as well as their collaboration with Ultrasound on "In G". Now they return to the concept, with four new tracks - "In A", "In Z", "In 0" and "In ∞".
As far as music is concerned, a scale could be anything. The names of the scales from A to G are no more than conventions, decided on through human logic. However, beginnings and endings, nothingness and the infinite are not conventions or human creations. Rather they are part of the cosmos and they can be applied to all things that exist. On these pieces they follow their belief in this truth, journeying from beginning to end, from end to beginning, from nothingness to the infinite, and from the infinite to nothingness…"

Double LP is limited to 1000 copies and is pressed on heavy duty virgin vinyl and packaged in a tip-on style jacket. First 200 copies are on color vinyl. Released to coincide with their North American tour.

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