WHNZ is back in Ukraine again… Рясні Дрова Consort is currently a three-piece band and was formed in 2010 in Lviv, Ukraine. This is their first release. Stately woodwinds intertwined with dwarf-sorted scatterscuttle. Careful phrasing and multimental grazing. Totally improvised, despite appearances. Useful for neurooptimistically detached ceremonies and feels like sitting at home like a rolling stone.

Dendromesogenic Afternoon Lag

Jaroslav Ilnytskyi in his own words: "Born in 1963 as Libra and balancing on the edge of the logical and the irrational ever since (music is seen more on the irrational side). Hiding my head from modernity in the sand of the music of the past. The space is narrowed lately, though (glam Baroque and much formatted classics). I try to see improvised music as monologues and dialogues of the subconsciousness." Jaroslav has been involved in early/Baroque music since the late 1980's.

Andrij Orel (born 1981) uses trashy acoustic guitars and other wood to play quiet and loud blues snooze. He is a member of Noah Coward and other collectives associated with the Nezvanova Nova label, including collaborations with The Moglass. Andrij has been involved in numerous performances with post-Soviet new music grandmaster Yuri Yaremtchuk and worked with other improv doers, young and old. He had also written some huge articles for Ukrainian underground music press, after which he went on to publicly make music which actively contradicted most of what he had written. His solo CD-R "Nezvanova Nova III" was out in 2008.

Oleg Vorobyov (born 1977), self-taught guitar player since 1994, though being into free jazz and improv as a listener since the mid-2000s, had never realized he could improvise himself. This was revised over 2009 due to frequent home playing sessions with Jaroslav, though the music played during these sessions was strictly folk dances and jazz standards. In early 2010 Oleg became also active as half of the pastoral skronk duo Riasni Drova (with Andrij). Often makes up the lack of virtuosity and courage by the enormous use of objects applied to acoustic guitar. His playing is heavily influenced by his family and friends, various improvised music, Chinese tea culture and football.


Downloads also available at Archive.org and at Last.FM (per track). Otherwise you can get the whole album zipped from Mediafire (MP3 CBR 320 kbps, 81 Mb).

Since there's still no picture of all three musicians standing together holding all their instruments with burned down venue on the background, their MySpace profile one will be good enough to play at and drown yourself in while listening to these improv sets...

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