Getting back to the HD music storage question: from day to day i more and more want to move all music over the world into a cloud. That'll make sense if/when our greedy collectors' ambitions will smash it's volumes at a question of info overload. That'll be the good case to rearrange one's attitude to the music stacks. The starting point of this is today's topic album, which i so-fucking-called "found" within my iTunes library. Thanx gods i have a repulsive habit to tag every detail with double care, checking each field. Especially concerning labels. Type is deeply respected name and seems it was the main cause for inviting Field Rituals for a couple sticks of tea here. Once listened, this Koen Holtcamp's great ambient piece seems made itself comfortable in my player's pit and only today got outa hibernation to crawl into my ears. This last hour Koen shed his kaleidoscopic lights round here and i have to admit once again — Field Rituals is gorgeous. And yeah, viva weak memory.

"The shimmering ’Field Rituals’ is the first solo album to come from Koen Holtkamp, an artist probably better known as one half of ambient duo Mountains. Based in Brooklyn, Koen created the album slowly and as a love letter of sorts, taking in delicate field recordings and using them like faded photos representing his distinct memories of the people and places he chanced upon."
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"Koen Holtkamp has a strong mastery of this dreamy kind of tuneful-meets-experimental ambient music, which makes it easy to recommend it. Just kill the lights, lay back, and float away."
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"Having had a brief taster for Koen Holtkamp's work as part of the 'A Room Forever' record label / art project earlier this year, we already had some idea of the luxuriously warm drones and field recordings that would make up his full-length, but 'Field Rituals' really has turned out to be an album of quite exceptional scope and beauty."
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Digitally available at SoundCloud (check player above) or at Boomkat (link above) or at Emusic.

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