Small Russian label Full Of Nothing (or F-O-N-O) was born not long time ago — maybe a year have gone since Ivan & Anya of freefolkish Love Cult duo took the first steps towards the idea of not only making but also releasing/distributing music also. So far they have 8 collectives in catalog and the label's vector, it's sound tastes looks so cool… Compare it with yours and if there'll be similarities — visit Full Of Nothings's MySpace or official page to buy their stuff. Care of time — every edition is limited.

First Time


@FONO: The Finnish free folk elder statesman Keijo Virtanen is back with another album in his vast discography. However, this work is titled "First Time". The album follows his recent output of his own very open approach to blues. But no W. Guthrie covers here, only Keijo's own pieces, with help from friends on two tracks. This is where free folk meets blues in the most beautiful and stunning way. Cardboard sleeve with photocopied collage pieces, hand-stamped CDrs. 100 copies.

Kheta Hotem
Live at Yläkaupungin Yö, Jyväskylä, Finland 2009


@FONO: Another live documentation blast from this Finnish collective performing ancient music and rituals of Komutia, this time from 2009. Bizzare overtone singing / didge grooves supported by synth tones from outer space, flute, sax and deep percussive meditation + contact improv dance group (which you can't hear, but now you know). Members of Keijo & The Free Players, Vapaa, Aan/Kulkija, Kutomo... Stencil-painted 4-panel cardboard cases and CDrs, hand-written and with insert. 75 copies.

Kheta Hotem
Live at Yläkaupungin Yö, Jyväskylä, Finland 2007


@FONO: Kheta Hotem is a Finnish collective performing ancient music and rituals of Komutia. Once the gate to unconsciousness is opened by throat singing, the listener is sucked into the full cycle of birth/death/rebirth with heavy rain of percussion and wandering free jazz saxophone. Those who enjoyed the releases on Foxglove, Ikuisuus and 267 Lattajjaa will definitely dig this live document from 2007. This line-up features many members of Keijo & The Free Players, Vapaa etc. Stencil-painted 4-panel cardboard cases and CDrs, hand-written and with insert. 75 copies.

Arabian Horses/Asian Women On The Telephone


@FONO: Maybe it's the burnt engine oil stench of Moscow subway or 10 million people crowd, I don't know. But these rockers go wild on this split! Arabian Horses are the duo that lay a few drones and slowly drum to them. Asian Women on the Telephone provide pure da-da noise-rock / no-fi kraut vibes. The whole atmosphere of this 90 minute cassette is very deep and pleasant brain-melting madness. Pro-dubbed tapes in cases, torn Soviet-era wallpaper with chaotic watercolor print, hand signed. 65 copies.

Billiam Wutler Yea
Calico Desman


@FONO: This is an eerie recording we have received from Moscow. The album is said to be the result of long isolation and silence; an attempt to get somewhere on mental/astral level. This is the therapy for "soul anorexia". Heavy, bizzare electronics, all recorded live. Imagine a wild ritualistic jam session, but with drum-machine and synths. Pro-dubbed tapes, kraft J-cards. 30 copies.

The Big Drum In The Sky Religion
The High Lonesome Zounds Of...


@FONO: The idea behind The High Lonesome Zounds of The Big Drum in the Sky Religion was to do a recording of harsh noise if there had been harsh noise in 1919, Southern Appalachia. It's a dissonant mess made using only acoustic instruments: fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar and mountain dulcimer. No effects. Harry Smith would have either dropped acid and freaked all night or punched his eardrums with sharp sticks. Originally released on cassette by Scotch Tapes (Canada) and still available from them. CDr version by Full of Nothing. Kraft paper cover with logo and photo, hand-written, hand-stamped CDrs. 50 copies.

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