Fantastic psychedelic/folk debut from this team of Japanese underground superheroes — Takashi Ueno of Tenniscoats (acoustic guitar), Shinsuke Michishita of LSD March (electric guitar), Ikuro Takahashi of Fushitsusha/Nagisa Ni Te (drums)

01 Persian Rug
02 Haruka
03 Black-Tailed Gull Heaven
04 FF
05 Summer Is Over, I Cannot Swim In The Sea
06 Fish-Colored Trophy
07 Doves Day
08 Pine Corn
09 Go To Sancha
10 Trifasico

Guest: Tetsuya Umeda — ele-fan
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Takeshi Azuma
Produced by Saya
Released in April 2009

Takashi Ueno

Ikuro Takahashi

Shinsuke Michishita

A bit offtop video but it keeps this lo-fi key... Very sweet.

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