Keijo and Tiitus are sharing the same frontier of contemporary musical phenomenon formed by Finnish underground scene. Aside of co-work in Vapaa and the Free Players they seems felt that wasn't enough for opening all streams and thus spent some time together improvising at Miilu Theater in Summer 2004 and in Lutakko in Winter 2005. As a result of these sessions we have Katovalo Sammuu Kohdollani CDr, released in 2005 by late Foxglove label. But duo recorded much more material, than those 6 songs, picked that time by them and Brad Rose for "foxglove078".
Keijo and Tiitus are represent two generations of Suomi free folk, weaving back to back beautiful and wild ringing web to catch nature's dreams, to fill our pillows with 'em, to show peculiar forest paths, to make trees speak, to paint the sky… Here you won't hear that lo-fi blues-based "almost classics" lots of people could wait from Keijo Virtanen, no, this is a door to observe improvisations wandering through a grey throbbing ambience.
Thanx to Tiitus for saving these mostly unreleased 10 tracks at Mixeri. You can download this compilation right from the player's body. Artwork ofcoz is not official and improvised from Tiitus paintings, available at his art-blog.

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