Since the MYMWLY closure the CEO of psych universe Mike Donnelly seems went deep underground and showed up only few times with few new BOTOS releases (but those were the times!). That's cool, that keeps world spinning in it's weird unpredictable manner, but i have to admit i miss his full spectrum — with 6majik9 and Terracid at least. Mike's hyper-prolific disco belongs to the resent past, now he seems resting but who knows, otherwise maybe he's hiding something… Somewhere… Couple of years ago he planned to spin up his Pacific Soma label, which lots of people waited to become MYMWLY's successor, but there must be appeared some "buts" and until now PS acted only once with the pre-last BOTOS' Grass Openings. More to say, label's MySpace looks quite abandoned and account at Blogger is gone at all!..
I believe i'm not alone when i miss 6majik9 and Terracid. And therefore i will not feel great alone today — here's some news more/less related personally to Mike, to his artistic and promoter's sides… I'm not sure who exactly registered account at SoundCloud under nick "hashram" and 9 days ago uploaded these 5 tracks, but if you heard last BOTOS (or at least read about it), you got a clue.

  Christian Television - Blinded By The Moon by hashram

Ffehro - Students On Fire In The Capital by hashram

6majik9 - Tonsil Waterfall by hashram

Mansion - Moth Circles by hashram

Asylum Seekers - Wave Wars by hashram

And yeah there's a small 7 month old bonus:
6majik9 - Live At The Tidy by tidy kid

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