"Colleagues in debauchery" Peeesseye & Talibam!. No plans except the "instrumentation, set up in the room and time of day". Thick improv, "as pure as the driven snow". Well… This is fucking wow!

@ParisTransatlantic: "Talibam! (Kevin Shea on drums, Matt Mottel on keyboards) and Peeesseye (Jaime Fennelly on electronics, Chris Forsyth on guitars and Fritz Welch on drums) have been pals and Evolving Ear labelmates for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before they all got together and let it rip. And rip this certainly does, driven on by the double-barrelled percussion attack, underpinned by Fennelly's drones and scribbled all over by Mottel and Forsyth, whose wild gonzo soloing is a happy and healthy reminder that one-chord jamming was part and parcel of American alt.rock before the word alt.rock even existed, back when Fugs roamed the Earth and Angus MacLise still turned up for rehearsals, back when these laddies were still twinkles in their daddies' eyes. Of course, it's not all one-chord rock – sometimes they dispense with chords altogether and dive headlong into the primeval murky soundpool, with scant regard for whatever sharp rocks and nasty beasties might be lurking under the surface. Loud, messy, dangerous and glorious." (Dan Warburton)

@Pitchfork: "The two bands met in the early 2000s at shows and while sharing stages. Evolving Ear, the label run by Chris Forsyth of Peeesseye, put out the first Talibam! CDr in 2005, and since then the groups have discussed making a record together. It finally happened in May 2008, in a whirlwind two-day session. The result, simply titled Peeesseye & Talibam! (Invada / Smeraldina-Rima), is wide open and super active. Its five pieces run the gamut from the blasted psych ("You Tried to Eat It") to grind-core terror ("Everything for Everyone") to post-rock ambience ("Year of the Moral Orgy")."

Peeesseye/Talibam! podcast (Pitchfork, March 2010)


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