Awesome work from not so distant but still gone past. I'm not sure if Yuma Nora still active so will say they WERE great, but if i'm wrong, i'll be happy to correct it to ARE.

@Bonanzle: "Fun-as-fuck freeform noise punk from this Portland trio made up of drummer Aaron Reyna, guitarist Jake Anderson, and singer/noise processor Amy Vecchione, who performs live cloaked in a silver spandex ski mask with microphone lodged inside. This kicks off with a flurry of improv brass freakery, polyrythmic/retarded tribal percussion, disconnected guitar skree, smooth girlie vox, and some sort of electric wave form generator. It's a junkfield of strewn electronic belch, atmospheric cascading sheets of tumbling drums, warped blues, and seething spikey jazznoise across these sixteen tracks, a combo of vibrant maximum improv burst and druggy shamanist punk blurt that mixes up misshapen No Wave circa 1981 n' Sun Ra's Koethek with drowsy,druggy female vocals and a malfunctioning video game. Some of this is very pretty and dreamy, most though is a psychedelic railroad spike right through your head. It's barely left our stereo".

If you can't google 300x300 or better artwork for some obscure music release, that probably means your aim to buy it is fucked. But in case of "Jewels In The Snakepit" this supposition might be wrong coz few links are still alive and to get a copy of Jewels you can try Deathbomb Arc or Gilgongo distros. Otherwise download it from player above. Also DBA still propose Yuma Nora's previous CD Red Train Graphing The Sunset Of All — listen to full length preview here.

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