<a href="">bobby the akkureiri lake monster by Bedroom Bear</a>
Very tender sounds from Sergey Bedroom Bear are beaming warm ambient, filling a room like some kind of harmonic haze and floating away thru walls, leaving in your ears vanishing traces of all these fairy lake monsters (quite friendly ones, huh?) and mooncats. Everything is possible and thus real — just give it a name, blow inside it a life-giving sound and it'll start it's way…
@FONO: "We have been waiting patiently for this release and now that it's ready we float in naive peacefulness. Bedroom Bear is known in Russia for his previous more pop-oriented band raindear? and also participation in early Love Cult. Going solo played good for him resulting in well-concentrated childish loner trips. Tiny lo-fi samples, romantic teenage synth tones, little crackling and whistling. Everything recorded live straight to tape in a small village between Saint Petersburg and Karelia and mastered by Sergey Suokas. All artwork made by amazing Diana Vishnevskaya: home printed photographs, hand stamped text, unique cardboard packaging occasionally sewn through with a thin thread, printed CDr. 85 copies."


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