Delphine's last album is full of tender piano lines, (sometimes) treated vocals, in good meaning lo-fi approach to the production, thru the whole 31 min. of play length there's a strong live/gig sence. Marvellous and sure enviable feel of the moment! Pure neo-folk, soft and gentle. And yeah, Sister Never Except the Name and If I Capture It It Would Be Gone are beautiful!..
Delphine's last album was recorded 4 days ago, released 2 days ago and it pushes up the idea of musician's self-sufficiency at today's web. Artists are haunted with different services for self-promotion, just look around and pick up the one you'll like. And still straying among all bandcamps and soundclouds, which are absolutely cool as a sort of firing pad, an audience needs the thematic aggregators and here we have FMA and that's a huge facilities for all of you people…
PS For more improvised/avant stuff listeners there's a great dora'li collab!

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