Seems living in Berlin must lay on dwellers some slight influences: Fabio Orsi met the wandering spirit of good ol' Kraftwerk and more than that — the result of this meeting with wide spread arms is welcoming you to the machine. Minimalistic kraut crawls into inner space and work there in very strange way — the more you listen to a cool made loop, the more you agree to let it roll further… These 3 tracks are great way to forget about time, if you don't obsessed with observing how it runs out. If you want to forget about it thrice faster (which actually must mean "slower"), don't forget to check the whole Fabio's Bandcamp store, where you can listen and buy his 2,5 last releases — Picture Myself In A Cloud, Little True Things Under The Sun and Wo Ist Behle?

<a href="http://fabioorsi.bandcamp.com/album/wo-ist-behle">Wo Ist Behle? (Side A) by Fabio Orsi</a>

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