In days of mass editions and pricecuts in the name of mass customer Root Strata punched a big surprise releasing 25 all handmade unique copies live doc from beautiful and almighty Ilyas Ahmed. Label's newsletter said today that few copies "are still available". Seems a way of such approach to releasing extremely noncommercial and underground stuff is the possible future humanity might face. That's ok guys that's ok, but how long world will chew the price of hundred bucks for 10" psychedelic vinyl? And another question of reason is takes a line: will those 25 guys be lucky alone for long time? I mean not the MP3 rip and further online share, but possible repress/reissue (and i humbly believe that's the question of obligatory)… Love Ilyas. Peace.
@RootStrata: "A stellar document of this trio's slow burn set from last years On Land festival. Ahmed on guitar & vocals is accompanied by Honey Owens (Valet/Miracles Club) on guitar and Jed Bindeman (Heavy Winged/Eternal Tapestry) on drums. Each cover is a unique collage by Ahmed with hand painted text on the back. No two are the same. These are not lathe cut records, and not lacquer dub plates, but a very small run of 10" vinyl records. All proceeds go to funding this year's On Land festival, and these are only available directly from us. Please drop us an email if you would like to order one. $100 each, does not include shipping! Edition of 25."


PS This is not Ilyas, but great Barn Owl, but at On Land too —

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