Late February Alex of cool Russian drone/noise duo Arabian Horses (btw hope to put here a post about these guys in nearest future) wrote about their co-work with Italian psych trio Suburban Howl. Then in my browser appeared a nice video documented long improv set of this musicians. Then we connected with Matteo Poggi via Facebook. Few days ago all these factors melted together into the one big obvious necessity of putting up this post (i mean — at last). I asked Matteo about some music sharing and he sent this latest audiopages of yet short but quite loud and colorful Suburban Howl's history. Here u have their self-released album Psychic Basement (downloadable) with addition of 3 loooong bonus tracks (streaming only), which are band's participations in 3 split releases with already mentioned Arabian Horses (track The Chronicles Of Ridicule @ Toxic Industries) and with 2 Italian bands Gun (track Nabuchadnezzar's Dream @ Suonigrezzi Autoproduzioni) and Nascitari (track As I Speak, I Create @ Smell The Stench records).
Since the stream music implies for some too-fast-to-stop-and-listen surfers a reason to stay on this page for awhile, i always thought that reading related to sounds story is the best way to apprehend so here's the one, right from Matteo to you:
"Suburban Howl formed in 2008 as a brutal analog noise duo. After several self released tape/cd-r and live actions around Europe, we became a trio, opened to collaborations with other musicians and artists, with a focus on sparse noise free folk soundscapes. Basically the trio consists of me on electric guitar, Davide Lega on self-built cord instrument and Enrico Pasi on electric guitar, but sometimes other musicians/noisers/artists join us — we have a release or two as a quartet (with Mirko Monduzzi on drums, glockenspiel, guitar), and a couple of other projects with other guys called The Dragon Speaks and Ojodoro (whose first release soon will be out on Italian Scorze records).
Psychic Basement was recorded as “unconventional trio” — Davide, Mirko and me — which basically don’t ever play together as a trio. We recorded it on an old 4-tracker in a pretty lo-fi mood playing a XII strings acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Davide’s cord instrument, harmonica and carillons and maybe a couple of other instruments. As I remember we played at a really low volume which is kind of strange for us, and the result was this free folk dreamy thing.
At present moment we have a couple of things that’ll be released soon including a split i did in solo with a Canadian band called Scribbler — this project is called Suburban Howl (Earth Edition) which is me on XII strings guitar and vox. Besides, we planned to record a lot of new stuff which will be released as soon as our new rehearsal space will be set up. Until then we hope to play more live gigs — in this regard, we’re currently putting on a 10 days November Italian tour with our friends Gun + other sparse gigs around."

PS: Check the Suburban news at their Swollen Avantgarde blog!

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