2 guys with noise in their hands are here to test your speakers: ⅔ of The Stumps, Antony Milton and James Kirk, armed respectively with guitar and drumkit only, released Small Disk CDr via Antony's PseudoArcana label. This is seems 2nd NZ-based work Milton did since return from South American trip and, according to his MS-posts, it's just a beginning of a new wave of productivity. Antony moved to Christchurch city now, works on full-length LP for Superbugger ("huge overdriven squally psychedelic rock" in his own words), prepares some kind of still obscure but soon promised download web-page, and — tada! — he just finished collab recordings with Tetuzi Akiyama, Greg Malcolm and Peter Wright… What a quartet, huh? After revisiting all the recorded material, guys revealed that "there was more than enough for a good album", so now Peter edits it and chances are that this session will see the light. Also the drones and ragas is looking for interested labels so we have Antony in action.

Being asked about the origins of Superbugger project, Antony answered with this wiki-ready story:
"Superbugger dropped out the side of New Zealand 'supergroup' The Stumps after bass player Stephen 'seht' Clover injured his back and was unable to make band practices. James (Kirk- Black Boned Angel/Sandoz Lab Technicians) and Antony (Milton- Nether Dawn/Mrtyu) decided to get together for a practice anyway and something miraculous happened after Antony discovered that with the discreet use of a home-made bass enhancer pedal he was able to play super heavy bass lines on guitar simultaneously with high end squall. (Needless to say a ridiculously large loud amp was also a key component..)
Another difference with The Stumps is that Superbugger is far more riff oriented than the drone-rock- in fact its perhaps as much a ultra-distorted heavy psychedelic boogie rockband as anything. Also the 'songs' - the pieces with words- sound far more formulated, which is weird because they were spontaneous improvisations as well.. James's drumming provides all the punctuation and is as stunning as usual.
Listening back to a shoddy recording of this practice room jam James and Antony were astounded at how good it sounded and decided that rather than a depleted Stumps they actually had a whole new band. With Antony having recently picked up a 'superbug' infection whilst in hospital it was deemed appropriate to name this duo Superbugger."


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