Well… 1-2 years or so ago the internets became unstable and there had been played a long-awaited dramatic scene between artists/labelrunners and fans… No needs to re-speak it here again, but story goes that after few weeks of reasonings and megabytes of pretty strong logical proofs the world of contemporary diy/underground neo-psychedelic got another one parity agreement about out-of-print releases. God bless the wise ones. Today's issue will be related to such "approved posts" since Alex Cobb of SoD personally gave a green light to related stuff saying @MutantSounds that he "have no qualms whatsoever with people sharing and enjoying out of print SoD releases".
Once there was an idea about collecting here @whnz the whole splendid mymwly's story, which Mike Donnelly agreed to save in digital form, but then something went wrong behind the curtains so he called down his permission coz of "labels' complain". Due to new, recently approved terms here's the second life for some of old posts of luminous raptures.
I'd rather never say never, but seems i'll never stop shouting loud hails towards stuff Mike was ever involved into. He can smash you up but he never sounds downpressing and Terracid's 2023 album is one of most bright (if this term is suitable here) confirmation of this statement — Donnelly comes, does his dirty things to your "inner listener", takes/plants what he wants and goes away, leaving behind him exhausted/transformed essence, then the post-apocalyptical wind breathes over desert he left and you believe to it's seems so healing power and… just fly fucking away without any thought about controlling this movements. It's not about being above. It's about being at least somewhere there. Coz to stay in a range of reach for surrounding worlds sometimes can be quite hard, especially when you're going on helmed with tunes like 2023 provides. Mike is a weirdest shaman dancing his pogos on contemporary psych stage and he knows lotsa ways to prove it. Resistance is futile, kids. Just obey.
PS Yeah, it's out-of-print, folks. Look for it in flea-markets.

@StudentsOfDecay: "2023 marks the latest interplanetary excursions by Michael Donnelly (mymwly/Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood) and it's a diverse platter of headtripping psych-drone-clatter-rock if ever I've heard one. In fact, each of the album's twelve tracks finds Donnelly mining different territory, channeling the psychedelic ghosts of Japan and Germany through the lens of the sonic traditions of planets light years further away from the Sun than our own."
@BoaMelodyBar: "Another great release from Michael Donnelly (Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, etc). Seriously psyched-out cosmic debris. A whole lotta percussion clatter, sounding like the rattle of parched bones, with some tracks reminding of Amon Duul."

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