Thru a thick summer night, crossing boundaries, crawls this short album from the quite obscure, rather mute and not-as-much-as-you'd-like communicative but still potential Belarussian underground. Founded in 2005 by Tim "Pogremushka" in Minsk, Simptom Pogremushki (Rattle Symptom) is a standalone outfit of the Solntsetsvety (Sunflowers) art group. Tim regards his project as a version of experimental and electronic music with a central interest in the white light neglect of low fidelity.

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These tracks were recorded by Tim in 2008/2009 in collaboration with the Minsk band Gentle Bombardiers: Alexander Kosirev ("Death Rattle"), Di ("Lonely Sky"), Nemaulatka Padlud ("Uneasy Heartbeat", "Vomo" and "Nookc" with W. S. Burroughs' lyrics). Most of the tracks were recorded with old lo-fi microphones "Smena" (1968) and a small noisy mixer with one broken output. Eventually Gentle Bombardiers left these documented live sessions to Tim's discretion and thus gave him permission to make an album under the Simptom Pogremushki name.

Gentle Bombardiers is a rock n' roll band with elements of noise, classical drone and shoegaze, formed in 2009 by ex-Notre Dame des Fleurs musicians. In Minsk this outfit remains in deep underground, even relative to the underground musical scene. However, these musicians played a great gig on 22 Oct 2008 with Damo Suzuki under the name of Magical Unicellular Music V.

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